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Michigan boat accident

If you have fallen victim to aboating accident in Michigan, we know how excruciating the mental and physical pain can be, especially since the accident was not your fault but the result of someone else’s negligence. Negligence refers to the unintentional wrongful conduct of another, and it comes in many different forms. Someone can cause someone harm by running a red light or by allowing a dangerous condition to exist on his property which may put others in harm’s way. It comes in the form of waterway accidents while boating. These accidents present the possibility of the most serious consequences as they statistically cause the most serious injuries. Our top boat accident attorneys can help!

Negligence on the Water

Negligence is a legal theory that holds individuals accountable and liable for damages they have created. The idea is that we all have a legal duty to act as any other reasonable person would under the given set of circumstances. How could something like this find its way on the water? There are a number of ways. Perhaps the owner of the boat does not have an available life jacket on board for every passenger, or maybe the driver has disregarded no-wake signs and lost control. There is little doubt that those boaters who are operating their craft under the influence of alcohol are negligent – if not reckless. A wide variety of activities or inaction could constitute negligence on the water, and only an experienced attorney can let you know whether you have a legitimate cause of action.

Boating Accidents

Boating accidents occur when individuals are injured in the course of operating watercraft. They can occur for a number of different reasons, including human error, unsafe weather conditions, or mechanical failure.

A Boating accident is also particularly dangerous and can cause a lifetime of ache. Often times accidents are accompanied by the risk of drowning or even explosion of a capsized boat. This is compounded by the lack of policing that goes on the water and the fact that boating is often mixed with alcohol consumption.

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Michigan Boat Accident Law Facts

Because of the widespread nature of boating in Michigan, boating accidents are unfortunately common in the state. When an injury happens as the result of a private boating accident, the owner or operator may be held liable. As with most negligence cases, these will often turn on questions of how the boat was maintained or operated at the time of the accident. Because boating accidents are covered by a unique set of rules and regulations, known as maritime law, they often require an attorney experienced in such matters.

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At Goldman and Associates, we have been representing the victims of such accidents for many years and have always succeeded in getting appropriate compensation for these individuals. Let us explain the details to you and show you how we can assist you and your family should you be involved in such an unfortunate incident.

Boating Personal Injury Accidents

Being injured due to someone else’s negligence is at times avoidable, however just some individuals take the right care to make sure that injuries are avoided. In MI, personal injury can result in the loss of wages, emotional instability, family breakdown, and most often physical pain. Our attorneys have worked hard to protect the residents of southeast Michigan in personal injury cases for the better part of 25 years, and that we ensure that all of clients are protected and fought for. Our attorneys have come to be experts in boating personal injury cases and many more. As with all legal matters, speaking to an expert boat injury attorney is always your best option for fast and proven results.

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