Boat Accident Attorneys In Troy Michigan

Do you need to speak to a boating accident attorney from Troy, Michigan? If you have been injured in an accident involving a boat or jet ski you should take a moment to discuss your injuries with a Troy boat accident attorney. Our attorneys at Goldman and Associates know boating and personal injury law. They can walk you through the process of recovering money for your serious injuries and lost wages.

Help is harder to get to

When you are hit by a boat or jet ski that is traveling at a high rate of speed it can cause a lot of damage and severe injuries. It can take a lot longer to get to help when you are out on the water than if you are on a main highway. You have the complications of being on water, the fact that an ambulance cannot get to you, and a possibly long, bumpy ride back to shore which could cause an injury to become worse.

A personal injury attorney can help build your case

If you are suffering from injuries due to the negligence of another boater you need a Troy personal injury attorney to review your injuries and compile the facts to build your case. This is not something that should be done without the help of a knowledgeable attorney. There are things that only a lawyer can truly know when it comes to what is or is not allowed as part of a personal injury case in Michigan.

Hit and run on the water

Being involved in a hit and run on the water becomes at least twice as dangerous as it would be if you were on land. If your boat is struck and springs a leak or loses power you will not be able to follow the other boat to get any identifying information for the police. You can’t rely on witnesses because you are not on a busy highway or a residential street. You cannot call the police and say that the boater pulled away and turned left on a specific street. You can say which direction he went in, but beyond that you have to rely on the possibility of another boater being close enough to you to get some kind of identifying information off of the boat.

Boating at night

Complications of boating accidents can occur if the accident happens at night or in inclement weather as well. It’s not like there are street lights out in the middle of a lake. If it is dark or foggy boaters must have lights on if they expect to be seen. If you are struck hard enough by another boat you could lose the lighting on your boat. If you are injured and adrift without lights it will be very difficult for help to find you. Imagine being involved in a hit and run involving a boat and relying on the sheriff or Coast Guard to find you in the dark or fog. GPS will help, but if they can’t see you it can take longer to rescue you.

The most common boats involved in accidents are…

The most common boats to be involved in accidents are power boats. This is probably because they produce the most speed. Whether it is due to:

    • The high rate of speed
    • Boating while under the influence alcohol
    • Boating under the influence of an illegal substance
    • Losing control of the boat while traveling at a high rate of speed
    • Not seeing the other boat

      If you are struck by a power boat at or near top speed, it is going to do significant damage to both your boat and your body. Boating injuries can be worse than those of a car accident because of the levels of speed involved, the wait time for help, the water moving your body around after a serious injury, sinking, or capsizing. If you have received an injury in a boating accident, speak to an attorney about those injuries. Call one of our incredibly skilled boat accident and personal injury attorneys at Goldman and Associates today. Let then hear what happened and talk to you about the future of your case for free. Call them at (248) 588-3333 to schedule an appointment to talk.

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