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There are plenty of lakes to enjoy within a few short miles of Wet Bloomfield, this means there are plenty of chances for West Bloomfield boaters to be part of a boating accident. If you have been in a boating accident and need an attorney in West Bloomfield, contact Goldman and Associates for a free discussion about your accident and injuries.

No one wants to spend their summer recovering from a boating accident

Once the summer weather hits, Michiganders are just jumping at the chance to get the boats back in the water. Some people take to boating just like riding a bike, other newer boaters do not always remember all of the rules of the water the first few times out in early summer. This creates huge potential for boating accidents. No one wants to start their summer sitting in a hospital room recovering from their boating accident injuries, but it happens. A nice early summer trip across the lake becomes days or weeks in a hospital bed and then weeks, months, or more recovering. If you have been involved in an accident on the water and would like to review your options with a boat accident attorney from West Bloomfield, call Goldman and Associates at (877) 737-8800.

Boating and overindulging in alcohol

Too many people look at time on the water as time to overindulge in alcohol. This overindulging can lead to serious issues, including drunken driving or boating. If you were hit by someone who decided to overindulge while relaxing on the water you need an attorney to help with your case. Drinking alcohol and driving a boat on the water holds the same consequences as it would for someone who overindulged and drove their motor vehicle on the road. This could be a felony or a misdemeanor depending on how much overindulging took place and if the boater had ever been in trouble for this crime in the past. You do not want to leave recovery of these injuries to chance by going to court without representation. Having an attorney to guide you through can prove invaluable in a case like this.

Safety tips

Some things to help keep you safe when boating:

You didn’t cause the accident

If you did everything you were supposed to do but someone else did not take the same care and caused a boat accident you deserve some compensation for your injuries. Contact Goldman and Associates about your West Bloomfield boating accident. They will speak to you and inform you of your rights. Call them at (877) 737-8800 or (248) 588-3333.