Boating safety over the Fourth of July holiday in Michigan

The fourth of July is usually a time of fun and family gatherings. These gatherings sometimes take place near the water which leads to the thought of boats and many other activities. Boating can be a fun way to spend the day as long as you follow some pretty simple, yet important, rules. One must always use caution while operating a boat; but during the upcoming July 4th holiday it is extremely important to use extra caution. Unfortunately, there will be boating related accidents and fatalities.

During the fourth of July weekend is sometimes the only time when people take their boat out in the dark. Possibly they could just forget how quickly the time is passing and they end up finding themselves in the middle of the lake at night. Please make sure your boat is properly equipped with all the equipment that is required at night. For instance, make sure your navigation lights work so you can be seen! It would be a good idea to request a free Vessel Safety Check so that your boat has all the legally required and recommended equipment onboard.

Make sure to always wear a life jacket. Did you know that statistics show that 80 percent of people involved in a fatal boating accident did not have on life jackets? Most people think as long as one is available they will get to it if they are in need of one. However, accidents can happen very quickly and there usually is not a lot of time to think about putting the life jacket on. By the time the accident has happened it is usually too late. Even though it might be very hot and humid it is vital to put that life jacket on. If it is sitting under a bench seat when your boat is involved in an accident the chances of you getting to it before the crash are very small. I would much rather have that nice bright orange vest on me keeping me a float rather than have it stuffed under a bench in the boat that is about to sink!

Just make sure to be prepared for emergencies. Remember, accidents can happen very quickly. Always take the time to make your crew aware of the basic emergency procedures. Another helpful tip is not to mix alcohol and boating! The operator’s ability to make sound judgments is greatly impaired while consuming alcohol. It also affects the ability of the passengers to respond to an emergency on the water. Intoxicated boaters can face both federal and state charges. Finally, always file a float plan with a friend. Make sure to list who is going, where you are going and what the boat looks like. Most importantly write down when you expect to be back. Just follow a few simple rules and you are sure to enjoy a wonderful and safe Independence Day.

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