What to do After a Bus Accident in Michigan

A bus crash is a scary thing to be involved in. If you are ever involved in a bus accident in Michigan or a school bus accident you need to know what to do.

Call for help

Call for help. If you do not have access to a phone you should be able to get help using the driver’s two way radio. If the driver is not unconscious, he should do this immediately after the accident, but if he is unconscious or for some reason unable to make the call, you can do so if you can safely make it to the front of the bus. If you are not able to move or get to the front of the bus, call out to anyone who may be able to get to their phone and asked them to calmly call 911.

Things you need to know about the bus

When we get into a car accident most of us know that we need to get the other driver’s contact information, license plate number, and insurance information. When we are a part of a bus accident we need to get the driver’s name, bus number, bus license plate number, and bus company name. The bus driver will most likely take care of getting the other driver’s information. Having this info may make your insurance claim easier if you need to file for injuries.  The more information you have about everyone involved the better.

Count and assess the people

If you are able, count the people on the bus. This will help when the authorities arrive and you may be asked this question later on as well. Get as accurate of a count as you can. As you are counting, you can assess the well being of those people. If you see someone who is seriously injured try to help them remain calm.

Know where you are

When riding on a bus, we don’t always pay attention to exactly where we are until we get close to our stop. If you are involved in a bus accident, take note of exactly where you are. If you are able to exit the bus, look around for street signs.

Take pictures

If your phone has a camera, take pictures of the accident. Every bit of information is helpful and may become evidence later. Do not just take pictures of the outside of the bus. Take pictures of the inside of the bus, especially the damage in the area you were sitting in and where you may have landed after the crash.

When help arrives

When help arrives they may set up a triage center. They will assess everyone and tend to victims by severity of injury. Stay put until you are assessed. Once you are assessed and put in a certain area, stay wherever you are sent by police or rescue personnel until you are told you can leave or they take you away for more help.

Think about the facts

What happened? What do you know? When you got on the bus, did the driver seem fatigued or impaired? Was the driver of the bus distracted, on the radio, on the phone, texting at the time of the crash? Did someone crash into the bus? Did they run a red light? Did you see anything?

Anything you know may play a role into the whole story. That whole story may be what you need to file an accurate claim.

Common reasons for bus accidents:

Speak to a legal team

If you or someone you love was seriously injured as the result of a bus accident, speak to an attorney who has a legal team that is experienced in all areas of law that may come into play with your Michigan bus accident. You want an attorney who knows bus crashes, as well as personal injury. You may also need an attorney who is well versed in hit and run law. To find a legal team that specializes in these areas and more, call Goldman and Associates law firm for a free phone consultation at (877) 737-8800.

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