Fireworks are to blame for a house fire in Grand Haven Michigan

The fourth of July is a wonderful time to celebrate all that is America. Most everyone loves to hear the big boom of the fireworks exploding on a warm summer evening. It is a time to reflect on this great country of ours and to celebrate our independence. Some people will do this by gathering with friends and family for traditional picnics. Hot dogs that have been cooked on an open fire and some nice cold refreshments are usually the norm. This time of year we have to be thinking about safety because so many people love to light their own fireworks.

This year you can’t drive down a street without seeing someone selling fireworks. Now that Michigan has new laws regarding the use of fireworks it seems that they are more plentiful than ever! It is always best to leave the firework displays to the experts and not try to light them ourselves. However, every year many people go to the corner tent and purchase numerous explosives. Some are even trying to “out do” their neighbors and have the biggest fireworks display on the block. Some may even be drinking alcohol while lighting these explosives and really find themselves in a dangerous situation.

According to authorities in western Michigan some fireworks landed on the roof of a house; this might have caused a fire that damaged a home in Grand Haven. According to the Grand Rapids Press the fire broke out Friday morning. Fire crews arrived at the home and found heavy smoke coming from the attic. The Grand Herald Tribune said a friend of the owners was shooting off fireworks when the fire started. They say they were unable to extinguish the fire with a garden hose. Let this be a reminder to us all that fireworks are explosives and they are very dangerous. Please use extra care this fourth of July so we can all enjoy a safe holiday weekend!

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