Holiday Shopping Safety Tips

The holiday shopping season is in full force and it is important to stay safe when heading out in to the crowds. Our Michigan Personal Injury Attorneys at Goldman & Associates have some quick tips to keep your experience safe and as hassle free as possible.

Shopping Tips

Day shop. It is common for stores to run sales at specific times to entice you to shop at certain hours.  If possible, make your shopping trip during the day.  Night time shopping may seem appealing to avoid crowds, however you are more at risk for theft or accidents in parking lots.

-Minimize.  When heading in to a shopping center, take as few things with you as possible.  A purse can be cumbersome and may draw the attention of thieves.  Carry only the necessities, cash, credit card, keys, and phone, and keep them in your pockets.  This will provide easy access for you and deter theft attempts.

-Comfort.  Dress in comfortable clothing and shoes.  In the event you need to leave a store quickly, this will enable you to stay safe during your exit.  Additionally, avoid wearing expensive jewelry that may catch the attention of thieves.

-Stay visible.  When parking, choose locations near other vehicles in well-lit areas.  Avoid parking in areas that are hidden or out of plan site to protect you upon departure or your car from break-ins while shopping.

-Use the trunk.  It may seem easiest to put your shopping bags in the passenger’s seat or back seat, but opt for the trunk if you will be making more stops.  A pile of shopping bags may catch the eye of a passerby and allow for a quick getaway with your new purchases.

Bring a friend.  Shopping alone can be quicker sometimes, but bringing a friend can provide more safety.  Pairs or groups are less likely to be victims of theft than a single person shopping alone.  Not only will your shopping partner provide companionship, but it’s one more person looking out for your well-being!

With the holidays approaching quickly, many people become frantic and careless while trying to pick up last minute gifts; our personal injury attorneys suggest trying to finish your shopping before the rush hits.  Don’t forget that the “return season” follows the holidays and stores can be just as busy and chaotic.

We want everyone to have a happy and safe holiday, keep these tips in mind when heading out to shop!

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