Kalkaska Michigan Car Crash – Two Livonia Residents Killed And One Injured

I just read about a sad story from out of Kalkaska, Michigan. A high school golf coach, driving his team to a golf tournament, ran a stop sign and collided with another van driven by a woman, Rhonda Mitchell, who was driving 77 mph in a 55 mph zone and under the influence of marijuana and morphine. Three people were killed in the accident – Mitchell’s daughter, the golf coach and one of his players. Mitchell has since been charged with three counts of manslaughter.

Who’s Responsible?

Regarding a potential lawsuit for the families of those killed, and the other injured parties, in this horrific accident, it is clear that both drivers were negligent. The golf coach ran a stop sign, and Mitchell was driving while intoxicated at a speed that was 22 mph over the limit. Mitchell’s criminal liability appears fairly clear. But what about her civil liability? Under Michigan’s No-Fault law, those who sustain a threshold injury may sue the negligent party for non-economic damages like pain and suffering and other consortium type of losses. In this case, it appears that most parties will have their pick between Mitchell, the golf coach’s estate and the school district. It is likely that most will go after the school district as it is the one that is most likely to have the ability to pay off any judgment rendered against it.


A horrifying accident in Kalkaska shows that multiple drivers may be negligent in a car accident. And in these cases where multiple people are killed or injured, a plaintiff is going to have her pick when it comes time to hold those who are negligent responsible for their actions. Contact us today for a free consultation at 877-737-8800.

Goldman & Associates are Experienced Personal Injury Attorneys

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