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Because accuracy is important and time is of the essence when it comes to filing your auto accident claim, the lawyers at Goldman and Associates are here to assist you with all of your claim needs in Detroit, MI.

Helpful info to know

There are things you need to know when filing an auto accident claim.

Time is of the essence

Time is of the essence because there is a time limit that you have to file your accident claim. You have three years to begin your case in a court of law. All of the initial paper work must be filed in the appropriate court before that deadline. If you miss the deadline by even one day you will not be able to pursue your lawsuit and recover any money for your injuries. No matter how horrible your injuries may be or how much pain you are in.

Fill out the forms honestly and accurately

It is extremely important that you fill out the paperwork as honestly and accurately as possible. This is also true if you are reporting what happened to your agent or lawyer verbally. If you do not tell the truth or miss any key details of the accident, you may not be able to recover money for your injuries or your vehicle damages. If you have to verbally explain the events surrounding your accident it is just as important to be honest and think about everything you say. You are making an official report whether written or verbal and your complete honesty is expected. If you are caught in a lie you could be in trouble for falsifying documents, among other things, and could end up paying out more money in fines than you would have recovered in damages.

Do you have evidence to provide?

Did you talk to anyone at the crash site that may have witnessed what happened? Did you take pictures of the cars or the area around the crash? Is there any other evidence you can provide the insurance company and your lawyers? As with any type of lawsuit or claim, any extra evidence that helps to show your side of the story is a plus. One picture could show something that you never noticed at your Detroit, MI crash site and may change everything with your case. If you have copies of your medical reports or the accident reports they may be helpful and speed up the process. Show your lawyers everything you have that might be useful. They will let you know if you have anything that could possibly help your case.

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