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DUI is a serious offense in Michigan, and as such your response to a drunk driving charge should be taken seriously. The question that most people have when it comes to being arrested for drunk driving is, “What’s the penalty?” Most offenders are concerned about going to jail; this is a legitimate concern depending on where you were arrested, who the judge is, and other aggravating or mitigating circumstances. Hiring an experienced drunk driving law firm is imperative to achieve desirable results for your case. Get the help you need today by calling us toll free.

First Offense DUI Penalties:

A first offense DUI charge is a misdemeanor unless there are aggravating circumstances such as a crash that kills another person. So, what kind of a penalty might a person convicted of a first offense drunk driving charge be looking at? It depends on the charge itself. But for the purposes of this blog, we will assume that one has been convicted of OWI; the charge that most people think of when they hear about a person who was driving drunk. You need to consult an expert drunk driving law firm.

First Offense OWI Penalties:

• Up to 93 days in jail;
• A fine of $100-$500;
• Up to 360 hours of community service;
• License suspensions (30 days) or license restrictions (180 days);
• Six points on your driving record;
• Court-ordered ignition interlock ;
• Vehicle immobilization up to 180 days.

There are a couple of things about these penalties that should be addressed. First of all, it is rare to be thrown in jail for a first-offense OWI. There are judges who will do it, but that is typically the exception as opposed to the rule. The other thing to keep in mind is that the fine of $100-$500 does not include other costs like attorney fees, driver responsibility fees, court costs, etc. 146

Second Offense DUI Penalties:

A second offense DUI charge is also a misdemeanor, and of course the penalty is more severe.

Second Offense OWI Penalties:

• Up to 5 days – 1 year in jail;
• A fine of $200-$1,000;
• 30-90 days of community service;
• License revocation for a year;
• Confiscated license plate;
• Vehicle immobilization for 90 – 180 days;
• Vehicle forfeiture is allowed.

Third Offense Drunk Driving Penalties:

A third offense drunk driving charge is a felony. A felony is any offense which is punishable by more than a year in jail.

Third Offense OWI Penalties:

• Up to 1 – 5 years in prison;
• A fine of $500-$5,000;
• Probation with 30 days to 1 year in jail;
• 60-180 days of community service;
• No license for 1 – 5 years;
• Confiscated license plate;
• Vehicle immobilization for 1 – 3 years;
• Vehicle forfeiture is allowed.

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It is easy to see how seriously drunk driving is taken in Michigan. It is also easy to see why a person charged with even a first offense drunk driving charge should contact an attorney. Even if jail time can be avoided the first time around, that charge will have huge consequences in the event that you are arrested again later on. Contact a Michigan Drunk Driving Law Firm at 586-268-2400 and learn how we can help you.