Michigan Women’s Divorce – What you Need to Know

Going through a divorce is likely to be one of the most difficult things any person will ever go through. Nobody likes preparing for an uncertain future, but that is exactly what may stare one in the face when getting divorced. Although the laws of the state of Michigan do not technically favor one gender or another, many women often feel that they are at a serious disadvantage as their husbands may act as the financial breadwinner and have more control over a couple’s finances. If you find yourself in this kind of situation, you need to contact an attorney to help you through this process.

Why You Need Representation

One party’s financial stability and another party’s instability should not impact any aspect of the divorce process. Many women feel that they are handcuffed in this regard because they do not have access to the funds necessary to secure an attorney. However, it is important to note that many motions may be filed in the interim to help a party through this process. Motions for interim attorney fees, spousal support and child support may all be filed early on in the divorce process. Successful motions typically require a showing of need, and it is important to have an attorney draft these motions on one’s behalf.

A lawyer is always necessary when it comes to signing off on agreements made between the parties. No party, woman or otherwise, should ever sign something without consulting with a lawyer first. Finally, lawyers are persistent in discovering an opposing side’s finances and assets. Many men attempt to move these assets around in an effort to keep the “weaker” party off balance. Less assets and lower income leads to lower spousal support and child support payments, as well as an inequitable split in marital assets.

Contact an Experienced Divorce Attorney

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We Can Help With Michigan Divorce

Although the laws of the state of Michigan do not specifically favor men over women in divorce proceedings, it is easy to see why many women feel that they have an uphill climb when it comes to an equitable division of marital assets. Many women feel like they have little control over their futures as they have relied on their spouse to provide for the family throughout the years. However, every woman has rights, and it is important to contact Akiva Goldman & Associates today to see to it that those rights are observed.