Man Attacked in Hamtramck and Brutally Beaten

Expert Michigan attorney is reporting that a man from Hamtramck was attacked and brutally beaten by two teenagers on Danforth Street. The two teenagers are in custody at this time. The incident occurred late Saturday night and was reported by news sources Monday evening.

Nick Vanasnack is currently in critical condition at Detroit Receiving Hospital. He was attacked and beaten by two teenagers. The kids are reported as being only thirteen and fourteen years old.

Mr Vanasnack is often referred to as “The Cat Man” by people in the area. He is known for taking care of the stray cats in the area.

Assault and battery are both intentional torts. To have a case of assault, the person must have intentionally caused the victim to have fear and apprehension of harmful or offensive contact. He must have feared that the contact was going to happen. To have a case of battery, the person must have intentionally made contact with the victim and that contact must have been harmful or offensive. This is a case of both assault and battery on Mr. Vanasnack.

If he does not recover from his injuries the crime could escalate into manslaughter or worse. If he does recover, the teenagers may be charged with assault and battery. For additional information, please visit

It does not matter why these kids did what they did. It is illegal to beat up another person for any reason other than self defense.

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