Expert Michigan car accident attorney is reporting a car crash that occurred this morning. The car crash ended with a car going through the glass window of a 7-11 store in Novi, MI. 

The accident happened around 10:00am on Wednesday 9/18/13 at a 7-11 near the intersection of 10 Mile and Meadowbrook Roads.

The driver of the vehicle is reported to be a 70 year old man from Novi who was driving a Honda CRV. His name has not yet been released. There have not been any tickets issued at this time. News reports state that the man’s foot slipped off of the brake pedal and onto the gas pedal. No injuries have been reported in this accident.

Insurance companies such as AAA offer driving tips for seniors to help keep your older loved ones safe when on the road. Some vehicle manufacturers offer adjustable pedals as a special feature in their cars. This feature could help to eliminate accidents that come from accidental driver negligence like a foot slipping off of the brake pedal.

If your loved one is a senior driver, here are some ways to help keep them safe on the road;

  • Seniors should discuss driving with their primary care doctor and have regular evaluations by the physician.
  • If the senior is fearful of traffic, have them plan their driving times to avoid rush hour traffic.
  • Always be aware of your own physical limitations.
  • Seniors should get regular eye exams.
  • If your senior has prescription glasses, be sure they wear them every time they get into the car.
  • If you are feel that your senior should not be driving, you can request a driver’s reexamination through the Michigan Department of State by writing a letter to them or submitting an OG-88 form.

There are times when a physical or mental condition can impair a person’s ability to safely drive a car. Sometimes these impairments are caused by the time of day or the speed of the road. At times there is a simple solution to the problem like adding extra mirrors to the car. Other times Secretary of State will issue a restricted driver’s license. The restricted driver’s license can restrict the driver to

  • Only driving between the hours of dawn and dusk.
  • Not driving on high speed roads such as freeways.
  • Require special eyewear to be worn when driving.

If you are a senior or the loved one of a senior that is in a situation similar to this within the state of Michigan, contact a Michigan car accident attorney to ensure the rights of yourself or your loved one are fully protected.


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