Sterling Heights MI Auto Insurance Claims

There are several types of Michigan auto insurance claims if you get into a car accident in Sterling Heights, MI. You can make a claim against the driver of the car that caused the accident; you might have to make a claim against the owner of the car; you may also be able to make a claim against the person who was serving the driver alcohol if alcohol is a factor in the accident. Each of these claims will have a statute of limitations or time period that is allowed for filing a claim. Filing a claim does not mean you are suing someone. Many claims are settled and never make into a court room.

Michigan requires No-fault Insurance on Vehicles

The state of Michigan requires drivers to have no-fault insurance on every vehicle in order for it to be legally driven. There are different amounts of coverage available to drivers, but every registered vehicle must have at least basic coverage. Driving a vehicle that is not covered is against the law. Anyone who gets into an accident while driving a car that is not covered by insurance can be held personally liable.

Does it Cost to File a Claim With the Insurance Company?

It does not usually cost to file a claim with the insurance company, however you may have a deductible that will need to be satisfied before the insurance company will pay on your claim. There may be other costs to you if you do not follow the rules of your insurance company for repairs and service to your vehicle. Some insurance companies have inspection and repair shops that you must go to in order to ensure your claim is paid fully. You should always check with your insurance company to ensure you go to an approved center and will not add any extra out of pocket costs to yourself during this process.

Mini Tort

In Michigan there is something called a mini tort. This is something that allows you to collect money from the at fault party if the damages to be recovered total less than $1000. In order to pursue a mini tort you have to be less than 50% at fault in the accident and must have either a deductible or the damages were not covered by your collision coverage on your vehicle. You will have to contact the other parties insurance company to see what they require to file a mini tort.

Contact Your Insurance Agent to File a Claim

You have to contact your insurance agent to file a claim. If there is paperwork to fill out or forms to sign they will let you know. If you took pictures at the accident scene or have information on witnesses be sure to let your agent know, but always keep copies for yourself in the event that you need them.