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Whenever a matter of child support strikes you or a loved one, the outcome may not always be exactly what you’d hoped for. Often times, this is due to the negligence of an attorney who didn’t provide you with the best service possible. If you’re facing concerns of child support in Michigan and need proper legal aid, Goldman & Associates is here for you. With over 25 years of legal professionalism in Southfield MI, our every Michigan attorney is prepared to take on your legal woes. At Goldman & Associates, our every Southfield child support attorney is ready to provide you with the results, solutions, and outcomes you’ve been waiting to see.

Practice Areas

Because of the complex issues surrounding divorce, family law, and child support in Michigan, it’s crucial to select an appropriate attorney who can accurately understand your rights and needs. At Goldman & Associates law firm, our every lawyer strives to produce superb outcomes, cost effective solutions, and respect for our every client. Currently, our lawyers are able to assist clients with the following practice areas pertaining to child support in MI, including but not limited to


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At Goldman & Associates law firm, our every Southfield child support attorney is happy to provide elite legal help to those in need residing in southeast Michigan. To make ourselves more accessible to you, our lawyers are ale to provide service to the following cities and counties located near Southfield Michigan, including but not limited to:

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Child support matters in Michigan can be an extremely sensitive subject when new to a family. Issues of visitation, child schedules, and custody often arise when divorce strikes. At Goldman & Associates, our lawyers understand that you need to see results fast—which is why we offer cost effective solutions to our every client in a timely fashion. When issues surrounding divorce and family law are causing you grief, allow an experienced attorney from our law firm to assist you with all of your troubles. If you are currently going through a matter divorce regarding child support, our lawyers can bring your case to justice in as little as one hundred and eighty days. If you’d like more information from an experienced Southfield child support attorney regarding how our team of expert legal attorneys can better assist you, contact our lawyers today to schedule your free legal consultation right now.

For a free consultation, contact a a Southfield Child Support Attorney today at (877) 737-8800.

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To better understand exactly how a Southfield child support attorney can help bring success to your case, contact an attorney from Goldman & Associates to schedule your free legal consultation today. Goldman & Associates law firm is happy to provide its clients with various financing options to better assist clients in need. As with many aspects of the legal world, time is always of great importance, especially when handling family law and child support cases. To ensure that your rights as well as the rights of your children are protected at all times, please contact our attorneys today to begin working toward a solution for your case.