Expungement Attorneys in Michigan

What is an Expungement?

A common misconception about criminal expungements is that one’s criminal convictions are completely wiped away from one’s criminal record. However, the reality is that an expungement is the process by which one seeks to have a criminal conviction converted from a public record to a non-public record. So, police officers, immigration officials, court officials, etc. will still have access to those records.

Expungement Benefits

The benefits of expunging one’s criminal record are obvious. Because only government officials have access to expunged, criminal offenses, potential employers and educational institutions will have difficulty obtaining these kinds of records. These are the kinds of entities that frown on criminal backgrounds. Should they come across your criminal record, why would they give you the benefit of the doubt when you’re competing against other people with similar experience who have never been in trouble with the law?

Am I Eligible For an Expungement?

Only one conviction may be expunged in one’s lifetime. Also, if multiple convictions exist on one’s record, no conviction may be expunged. However, there is one exception. A conviction may still be expunged as long as no more than two minor offenses (no more than 90 days in jail; fines of no more than $1,000) have been committed in one’s lifetime, and the offender is no older than 21 years of age. Some crimes cannot be expunged. They are:

• Felonies for which the maximum sentence is life in prison,
• Attempts to commit felonies for which the maximum sentence is life in prison,
• Various sex crimes, and
• Traffic offenses.

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Don’t let past transgressions get in the way of your future. And if you’ve been convicted of an expungable crime, don’t wait around to try to expunge your record until you find yourself in trouble with the law again. If you do, you’ll find that an expungement for your first conviction is no longer possible. Contact our office today at 586-268-2400; let us help you.