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When you are considering divorce in Michigan, you may be inundated with advice from nearly everyone. Suddenly, family, friends, co-workers and neighbors all have opinions. They share their fears, their horror stories and their suggestions with you, often whether welcome or not. The opinions and advice you are given, however, likely contain myths or misconceptions.

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The only way to get real answers that apply directly to your particular situation is to speak with a highly qualified Michigan Divorce Lawyer. At Goldman & Associates, our attorneys offer sound advice while combating any myths or misconceptions that you may have heard about the divorce process. This advice will allow you to realistically view your situation and give you the confidence to work toward a new future. Our lawyers offer the following to our each and every Michigan client:

Whether the issues you face in your divorce include complex property division, child custody, child support and/or spousal support (alimony), we can help. Contact our Family Law today for your free consultation so that we may assist you in conquering these challenges.

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How to Divorce in Michigan Without Children

Much of my blog entitled “How to Divorce in Michigan” is applicable to a divorce that does not involve minor children. There are a couple of differences. First, the wait time for getting a divorce is not as lengthy. Secondly, these divorces are far more likely to end amicably as there is not as much for the parties to fight over. Having said that, it is still important to hire a divorce attorney in the event that you are getting a divorce because it is important to protect what you are entitled to.

How Long Does A Divorce Take?

A divorce with children requires a six month waiting period between the time a complaint is filed and the time that a judgment may be rendered. For divorces without minor children, a sixty day wait period is all that is required.

What Other Options Are There?

When there are no children involved, it might make more sense to file for separate maintenance (a legal separation) or an annulment (the court acknowledges that there was never a valid marriage to begin with). It is possible to file for actions such as these even when there are minor children involved, but it rarely makes sense to do so. Separate maintenance may be appropriate when the parties do not want to get divorced for financial or religious reasons. All decisions as to property, support, etc. are determined as if the parties were getting an official divorce in these situations. Where a party files for an annulment, a court makes a determination that there was never a valid marriage to begin with. Therefore, the parties’ assets are immediately returned to them as if there was no marriage.


Divorce refers to the legal end of a marriage. Each state has its own requirements governing when a divorce may be granted, including a residency requirement and grounds or a reason for the divorce.

Michigan Divorce Law Facts

Michigan is an ‘equitable division’ state, which means that division of property is a decision made by the court according to principles of justice and fairness. It is also a no-fault divorce state, which means that residents can obtain a divorce without establishing that the other party did anything wrong. Establishment of fault may, however, still be relevant in determining child custody or division of property. If one party can prove that another party was at fault, for example, they may be entitled to a greater portion of the other party’s property.

Did You Know …

By law, a divorce is acknowledged by the courts and stat of Michigan as the dissolution of a marriage between two people and is not to be confused with legal separation or annulment. Often times, divorces can become lengthy and tedious without the proper assistance from a knowledgeable legal specialist. The lawyers of Goldman & Associates have been practicing law for over 25 years and have an unparalleled level of expertise when it comes to handling family law cases.

In Michigan, it is possible to obtain a divorce without children in a mere sixty days with the help of an experienced and seasoned lawyer. When children are involved, the genuine time frame is extended to 180 days to allow for adequate time to establish child custody or visitation schedules and child support payments, all areas of the law that an experienced legal expert can easily assist you with.

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As with nearly all-legal matters, it is important and critical to contact our Family Law Attorneys in Michigan first before speaking to anyone else about your options. Time is always of the essence, and when your rights and the rights of your loved ones are on the line, you need the legal advice of a knowledgeable MI divorce lawyer.

For your convenience, we offer free phone consultation and urge you to contact us today by calling (248) 588-3333 or toll-free (877) 737-8800. An experienced Michigan divorce attorney is waiting to discuss your case and to present you with the legal options and solutions that you deserve. Some of the legal areas we can assist you with include:

Free Consultation With A Michigan Divorce Attorney

If you’re thinking of getting a divorce, or your spouse already filed for it, and you have no idea as to how you’re supposed to proceed. Your spouse’s lawyer has already told you that he or she is willing to help you both out. Can you trust that lawyer to look out for your interests as well as your spouse’s? What if you can’t afford an attorney of your own? What’s going to happen to the kids? Are you going to get kicked out of your house? This is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the thoughts that run through a typical client’s mind.

Why You Need to Consult With an Attorney

An experienced divorce attorney can help you put a lot of that fear and anxiety to rest. An attorney can let you know what makes sense for you and your children. They can help you file motions before the divorce has been finalized, negotiate with opposing counsel to help you get the best settlement possible, represent you at various hearings and conferences, and they can see to it that your rights are adhered to. Red flags should be raised for those attorneys who charge for an initial consultation. If they’re charging you for that, can you really trust them to do what they can to keep your costs down later?

Divorce Consultation

There are a lot of lawyers out there who think that giving free divorce consultations is a waste of their time. Others can’t afford to give their time for free. Neither of these scenarios applies to our firm. Free consultations underlie our firm’s commitment to public service. Why pay for an initial consultation when you can get it for free from us? Goldman & Associates are experienced family law attorneys in the Metro Detroit area. We can let you know whether spousal support or invasion of separate assets is appropriate in your case; we can discuss likely custody and parenting time arrangements. Contact our firm today for a free initial consultation at 586-268-2400.