Divorce Attorneys in Farmington Hills

Divorce Attorneys in Farmington Hills

Are you considering a divorce in Farmington Hills?

Our Farmington Hills divorce attorneys are here to consult with you.

If you are considering a divorce in Farmington Hills, you should consult with an attorney before going any further. Discuss whether or not divorce is the right option. Discuss whether or not divorce is your only option. If you have children you need to talk about how to protect their rights in the divorce.

Know your options

If you are considering a divorce, but unsure that is what is in you or your family’s best interest you should talk to an attorney who can review your options with you. Often divorce is the answer, but there are other, less permanent things you may want to try first.


The first option is counseling. They key here is that both of you need to be willing to participate fully. This could be something you set up through a licensed marriage counselor or something you set up through your church with your priest of pasture. Either way, if both you and your spouse are not willing to give 100% it will not work and may just prolong the inevitable.

Separation can bind you to your agreement

The second option is a legal separation. This does not require the assistance of an attorney, but often one is advised. Whatever agreement you make with your spouse regarding

will be something that the judge will use to determine as an acceptable agreement when finalizing your divorce if you do take that next step to end your marriage. This agreement may become binding even if you thought it was only temporary when you entered into the separation. You do not want to be stuck to an agreement that was not fair just because you were trying to be nice during the separation in the hopes of getting back together. The legal system does not care what you had hoped would come from your agreement. They only know that you lived with those arrangements and seemed to approve of them since you did not do anything to try to change them. Our Farmington Hills attorneys can assist you in drafting a fair separation agreement just in case the marriage does end. It is never too soon to start protecting yourself.

Annulment can get confusing with kids

Another option to divorce is annulment. This is something that is mostly seen in extreme situations. Not everyone wants to bother filing for an annulment and only a few people are granted an annulment based on their situations. Most people who do decide to get an annulment do it for religious reasons. In the Catholic faith, divorce is severely frowned upon. If you have a reason that makes a marriage void from its conception, annulment may be something you would want to consider. You would need to discuss your reasons for annulment verses divorce with your attorney. After hearing your reasoning and considering all of the outside factors, your Farmington Hills divorce attorneys will be able to advice you on the best plan of action. With an annulment there are some tricky situations to navigate if you have children. This is true on a governmental level and a religious one. Be sure to know all of the facts before making any decision that involves splitting from your spouse.

Make a clear decision

Discuss your divorce options and the repercussions of those options with an experienced and caring Farmington Hills attorney. Call Goldman and Associates for a free legal consultation about your divorce options at (248) 588-3333. Let us alleviate some of the confusion so you can make a clear decision for you and your family.

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