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Whenever a person is interested in entering into a divorce, they may be sideswiped with advice from nearly everyone. Out of nowhere, it seems family, friends, co-workers and neighbors all have opinions that want to be shared with you at every moment of the day. Their fears, horror stories and suggestions ring in your ears day in and day out. The opinions and advice you are given will probably contain misconceptions that a divorce lawyer in Grand Rapids can help you better understand.

In present day, the definition of divorce, given by a divorce lawyer in Grand Rapids, is acknowledged by the courts and state of Grand Rapids as the dissolution of a marriage between two people and is not to be confused with legal separation or annulment, two areas of the law that differ greatly from divorce. Many times, divorces can become tedious and difficult to handle without the proper assistance from an experienced divorce lawyer in Grand Rapids. A MI divorce lawyer of Goldman & Associates law firm have been practicing divorce law for over thirty years and have an unparalleled level of expertise when it comes to handling Grand Rapids divorce cases.

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In our state, it is possible to obtain a divorce if the people filing are without children in just sixty days with the help of experienced and expert divorce lawyer in Grand Rapids. When children are involved in a divorce case, the general time frame is extended to 180 days to allow for proper time to establish child custody or visitation schedules and child support payments, all areas of the law that an experienced divorce lawyer in Grand Rapids can easily assist you with.

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When results are what mean the most to you, you’ve come to the best law firm possible. The only way to get real answers that apply directly to your particular situation is to speak with a highly qualified divorce lawyer in Michigan. At Goldman & Associates Detroit, our A divorce lawyer in Grand Rapids Michigan offer accurate advice while combating any myths or misconceptions that you may have heard about the divorce process. The suggestions given by our firm will allow you to accurately see your unique divorce case in a new light and give you the confidence to work toward a new future. Each divorce lawyer in Michigan offers the following to each client that we represent:

Whatever the issues in your divorce case is, be it child custody, child visitation, spousal support (alimony), our every seasoned divorce lawyer in Grand Rapids can help. Please contact the law firm of Goldman & Associates today for your free consultation so that we may assist you in handling your every concern.

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Especially with divorce, it is important to remember that time is always of the essence and that it is critical to contact an experienced divorce lawyer in Grand Rapids Michigan first before speaking to anyone else about your options. When your rights and the rights of your loved ones are jeopardized, it is best to have legal assistance of a seasoned divorce lawyer in Grand Rapids who will fight for your rights at all costs.

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If you have questions regarding the cost of a Divorce legal matter, contact our law firm today at (877) 737-8800. Our highly qualified Divorce attorneys can assist you in every step of the way. Some of our clients consider us to be the best Divorce lawyers in Michigan. Our Divorce attorneys specialize in family law, divorce, child custody, child support, visitation, support arrears / child support arrearage, military divorce, military child custody, military child support, guardianship, alimony and spousal support legal matters.

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If you have a family law, divorce or child custody legal matter that needs resolution, the most important first step in resolving your case is to select an honest and cost effective legal professional. The Michigan lawyers of Goldman & Associates understand that when it comes to your legal issue, you want and need to see results quickly. Our each and every attorney in Michigan are proud to serve the residents of the following cities and counties Michigan, including:

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