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When you’re dealing with a divorce, the last thing you want to do is go to court. At Goldman & Associates, we understand that you’d like to resolve your Michigan divorce as quickly and efficiently as possible, and we can help make that a reality. Our every Troy divorce attorney will work tirelessly to succeed in presenting you with the outcomes you’ve been waiting for while putting the rights of our clients and their loved ones above all else.

Practice Areas

The law firm of Goldman & Associates aims to provide our clients with expert courtroom litigation and superb case analyzation. We want you to understand everything that goes on pertaining to your legal matter so that your desired outcomes can become a reality. Currently, a Troy divorce attorney from our law office is able to assist you with all of the following types of legal matters pertaining to divorce in Michigan, including but not limited to:

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Cities We Aid

At Goldman & Associates law firm, it is always our goal to be able to provide our every client in Troy Michigan with the highest level of service. Not only that, but our attorneys make sure we’re readily available to assist other cities and counties for their every divorce need. If you’re residing in any of the following cities below, our law firm insists that you contact us today to schedule your free legal consultation with an elite Troy divorce attorney.

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Did You Know?

If you’ve been seeking a divorce in Michigan, it’s possible for our attorneys to have your divorce or family law matter finalized in as little as ninety days if children aren’t involved. On the other hand, legal issues pertaining to divorce must be expanded to a length of one hundred eighty days to ensure the protection of children is properly examined and that their best interest is always taken to heart. At Goldman & Associates law firm, our every Troy divorce attorney understands that in order to provide you with the outcomes you’ve been seeking, we must always put your needs above all else during our working relationship. When you allow an attorney from Goldman & Associates to represent you in your Troy divorce or Troy family law matter, you’ll be receiving the highest level of customer service and quality possible.

If you’ve been struggling with finding a proper Troy divorce attorney who can assist you with your Troy child custody, child support in MI, child visitation, child support modification, family law issue, uncontested divorce, military divorce, or any other type of divorce related legal matter, your search ends with an attorney from our law firm. To speak with a lawyer in greater detail about exactly what we can do for you and your case, contact our Troy divorce attorneys from Goldman & Associates today. Remember, when you allow us to represent you in a court of law, we will always fight for the outcomes you want to see.

For a free consultation, contact a Troy Divorce Attorney today at (877) 737-8800.

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If you’re struggling with finding an accurate and honest Troy divorce attorney, look no further. Goldman & Associates promises to always provide you with the best service possible while maintaining an appropriate and cost effective case, providing various financing options available to our clients in need. To schedule your free consultation with a Troy divorce attorney, contact our law firm right now. Remember—the longer you wait to seek legal aid has potential negative effects that could harm the outcome of your case.