Michigan Uncontested Divorce

Not all divorces end after a bitter, long, drawn out trial. Lots of couples are willing to negotiate and give a little to the other side because they want to keep costs down, want what is best for their kids or have a desire to walk away from their marriage as amicably as possible. In these kinds of scenarios, it is likely that an uncontested divorce will result.

Michigan Uncontested Divorce Cost

* 30 minute phone divorce and separation consultation – $69

* Uncontested divorce without children in Oakland county, Macomb county and Wayne county – $1,499 (plus court & filing fees)

* Uncontested divorce with children in Oakland county, Macomb county and Wayne county – $2,149, (plus court & filing fees)

* Court filing fees – $175 – $230

* Engage a process Server – $50 – $100

* Court reporter for deposition – $75 attendance fee, $200+ for transcription fee

* Interpreter (for non-English speaking clients) – $100 – $300

* Some restrictions may apply, please call (248) 588-3333 for details.

* Must mention these rates when contacting our law firm.

What is an Uncontested Divorce?

There really isn’t much of a difference between the procedure that needs to be followed for an uncontested and contested divorce. The only real difference at the end of the day is the cost. Whenever both sides can reach an agreement on how to divide property, whether spousal support is necessary (and if so, what the number should be), and how custody and parenting time issues are to be handled; there is certainly less work to do on the part of an attorney as no trial is required. In a true uncontested divorce scenario where both parties walk into an attorney’s office with an agreement already in place, the only real work for that attorney to do is to draft the judgment as agreed upon by the parties. Having said that, an uncontested divorce may arise where the other party fails to respond to a complaint for divorce. In these situations, a default judgment may be entered in favor of the moving party instead of a consent judgment that has been agreed upon by both parties. In these situations, a judge is likely to sign off on the default judgment as the non-moving party has neglected to appear.

Contact a Michigan Divorce Attorney Today

Regardless of whether you have reached a settlement with your soon to be ex-spouse, you should contact a divorce attorney today. If there is an agreement in place, an attorney can put that agreement in writing and assist you at your hearing before the judge. If an agreement has not been reached yet, a lawyer can assist both sides in reaching a reasonable agreement in an effort to avoid an expensive trial. Call us today at 586-268-2400.