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Do you need information from a Michigan dog bite lawyer?

Are you currently suffering from injuries obtained by a dog bite?

Do you know that the dog’s owner is liable for the bite even if the dog has never bitten anyone in the past?

Our Michigan dog bite lawyer knows all of this and more. When it comes to defending our clients, we will not settle for less than they deserve.

Helping kids avoid being bitten

There are steps you can take to help avoid a situation where you kid gets bitten by a dog. Some of these steps are:

Dog bites refer to attacks on humans by domestic or feral dogs. Because of the close association between humans and dogs, dog bites are extremely common, with the law providing various forms of remedy to individuals bitten by dogs.

Despite that, there are always issues that have to be navigated when dog bite and animal injuries arises, which our MI lawyers can help you with. The following list involves common issues, included but not limited to:

Therefore, it is imperative that if a dog or an animal bites you, seeking our services is the best possible scenario.

Statute law and common law

When dealing with dog bites, there are two types of law that govern what can be done. There is a statue MCL 287.351, that basically states that the dog owner is strictly liable for the dog regardless of its past viciousness. Michigan’s common law provides that a person who owns a dog that is known to be dangerous is strictly liable for the actions of that dog. This would cover certain breeds of dogs that have been labeled as dangerous animals as well as dogs that have bitten or attacked in the past. Depending on the way you choose to proceed with your case, you will have to decide which area of dog bite law you want to pursue. This is just another reason why a Michigan dog bite lawyer should be consulted about what happened in your dog bite incident.

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Dog Bite Attorneys in Michigan Can Help

Goldman & Associates want our clients to be safe and secure before and after seeking our legal services. If you have fallen victim to a dog bite or animal attack, it is important to remember the following to stop a similar incident from occurring in the future:

By following the above guidelines, you can greatly improve your chances and the chances of your loved ones to always stay safe around animals you may not know. Most important of all, you could be saving a potential life of both a person and an animal. The attorneys of Goldman & Associates urge our clients to follow these guidelines and share them with others.

 Michigan Dog Bite Law Facts

Under Michigan law, dog owners are strictly liable for injuries caused by their dogs. This means that even if a dog owner has taken steps to prevent its dog from biting others, they can still be held responsible for accidents. This applies whether or not the dog has any history of violence. If the dog owner was negligent in owning the dog (i.e. failed to put it on a leash or otherwise restrain it), they may also be held liable for their negligence in addition to the violation of the Michigan dog bite statute.

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