Dog Bite Attorneys In Allen Park MI

If you have been mauled by a dog it is easy to know that you need a dog bite attorney to assist you. Most people do not realize that you do not need to be completely mauled in order to collect damages from the owner of the dog and possibly even his insurance provider. Even one bite by a dog can cause irreversible damage. If you have been bitten by a dog in Allen Park, MI contact one of our Allen Park dog bite attorneys.

One bite may not seem like much but it can cause lots of damages

Whether you have received one bite or twenty, there are risks involved with dog bites. Obviously a little nip by a tiny dog may not cause severe injuries, but it could cause many medical issues if an infection sets in. It is important to care for even the smallest bite by cleaning the area and using antibacterial soaps and ointments on the area. Even a small bite should be looked at by your family physician or other medical professional. One dog bite might not seem like much, but a dog bite can cause:

Dogs and children

Almost half of all dog bite victims in the United States are children. Children often want to play with dogs they don’t know or play with a dog a little too aggressively. This leads to a dog reacting negatively and biting the child. If a dog bites anyone besides a burglar or trespasser, the dog’s owner will be strictly liable. The dog does not have to have a history of being viscous. It does not need to have bitten someone else in the past for the owner to be strictly liable for any and all injuries caused by the dog.

Get a hold of a dog bite attorney

If you or your child has been bitten by a dog, it is a smart idea to get a hold of a dog bite attorney. Our Allen Park dog bite attorney will go over the dog bite with you and see if you have a case against the dog’s owner or insurance provider. Call a Goldman and Associates dog bite attorney in Allen Park at (877) 737-8800 for confirmation on your dog bite case. The dog bite attorney will accept this phone call for free and come up with a plan for future proceedings.