DUI Causing Death In Michigan

If you were in an accident that resulted in another person’s death, and you were over the legal limit when the accident occurred, you are facing serious consequences. You need an attorney to determine whether you were legally drunk, and if so, to protect your rights and defend against lawsuits that are likely to come your way.

Criminal Defense

The penalties imposed depend on what statute the prosecutor decides to charge the offender with. You could be charged with second-degree murder (up to life in prison), or you could be charged with “OWI/OUIL/UBAL/OWVI/OWPCS resulting in death,” (up to fifteen years in prison) or plenty of other charges in between. The surrounding facts and circumstances involved with each particular case, in addition to who the prosecutor is, will dictate the charge. Regardless of the charge, you are going to be imprisoned. Where you will be imprisoned, and the length of time you’ll be there, is dictated by the judge. It is important to get an attorney to determine whether you were driving drunk, and if so, whether your legal rights were violated throughout the process. It is also important for an attorney to highlight any mitigating circumstances of your case should you find yourself being sentenced for such a crime.

Civil Liability

If you caused an automobile accident that killed another person—regardless of whether you were drunk or not—you need a lawyer. It goes without saying that wrongful death lawsuits are likely to be costly, but getting a good attorney is worth it when one considers that his/her assets are at stake. It is important to find an attorney who can determine whether the other party involved was comparatively negligent in the accident, or to provide an opposing viewpoint on what the actual damages are/should be for these kinds of accidents.

Hire an Attorney Immediately

Akiva Goldman & Associates is a firm dedicated to both drunk driving criminal defense cases, and also to filing and defending civil lawsuits. If you were drunk when involved in a car accident that injured or killed another person, it is imperative to find a lawyer right away. Contact our office today for a free initial consultation at 586-268-2400.