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Receiving a citation for drunk driving / DUI in Howell MI is always the beginning of a lengthy and sometimes expensive courtroom trial–that is unless you have the legal advice of an experienced Howell MI drunk driving attorney from Goldman & Associates. The drunk driving lawyers at our firm will stop at nothing to assure that your rights are protected at all times, and that we present your case with the utmost respect in this difficult time.

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At our law firm, our each and every Howell MI DUI attorney understands the importance of representing your case to the best of our ability, which is why we offer the following to our every client.


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DUI / Drunk Driving

Handling a DUI case is never an easy task—it can also be embarrassing and financially crippling. In Howell MI, the legal limit for alcohol consumption is 0.08, and anything above that can result in a driving offense. The outcome of your court case results in a number of factors, such as previous offenses, driving records, and of course the attorney you choose to represent you in a court of law. To ensure that your rights are protected and that you’re given the best possible outcome for a successful case, it is critical to have an experienced Howell MI DUI attorney from Goldman & Associates by your side. Our lawyers will fight to defend you and your driving record—all the while solving your problems and getting you the results you desire.

Howell MI DWI

Often times confused with a DUI, a DWI is an offense standing for ‘driving while intoxicated.’ While serious punishments go hand in hand with a DWI, it is possible to enter into a plea bargain in hopes of receiving a lesser penalty. After receiving a DWI, clients are fearful for not only the possible sentencing, but also the increase of insurance charges, license revocation, and high courtroom fees. At Goldman & Associates, our team of legal experts vow to always offer cost effective solutions to our every client battling with a DWI offense. Remember, it is always crucial to speak with an experienced Howell MI lawyer before attempting to handle your case alone. Our attorneys understand the need to protect your rights and ultimately give you back what so many have lost in similar offenses—your freedom.

Michigan Drunk Driving Laws

In addition to Howell MI’s new “super drunk” law, Howell MI’s other drunk driving laws remain in effect. The penalties for being convicted of drunk driving can severely damage your future personal and financial well-being. A first DUI, which in Howell MI is known as OWI (operating while intoxicated), can result in the following penalties: up to 93 days in jail, license suspension, hundreds of dollars in fines, community service, 6 points on your driving record, driving responsibility fees, vehicle immobilization and ignition interlock. With multiple DUI convictions, the consequences become even more severe. If convicted of a second or third drunk driving offense, you may be required to spend significant time in jail and perhaps even prison.

Because of the severity of the consequences that accompany a drunk driving conviction, it is vital to consult with an experienced criminal defense attorney before you set foot in a courthouse. At Goldman & Associates, our attorneys have successfully handled hundreds of drunk driving / DUI cases. Even if your particular case involves an accident, a Breathalyzer test failure and/or incriminating statements made to law enforcement, you should still obtain appropriate advice from an experienced and competent attorney before resolving your drunk driving case. For your free and confidential consultation regarding you or your loved one’s rights, call Goldman & Associates today. Some of the legal areas we can assist you with include:

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