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Do you or a loved one have DUI charges pending in Inkster, MI?

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If you need to speak to DUI attorneys in Inkster, MI you want to call one with over 20 years of experience. DUI is a very scary process. Michigan laws regarding DUI are some of the harshest in the nation. Judges never turn a blind eye to charges of drunken driving. Going to court alone may be the biggest mistake you can make in your DUI charge.

The limits

In Michigan, driving while intoxicated is driving with a blood alcohol level of .08 or higher. If you were given a breathalyzer test after a police officer suspected you were driving after drinking and it registers a level of .08 or higher you will receive a ticket, you may spend at least the night in jail, and you will be looking at some serious fines. If your breathalyzer results are .17 or more it is considered a high blood alcohol content and everything increase from the .08 offense.

Severe punishments

The judicial system in Michigan does not look favorably on anyone who commits any type of intoxicated driving offense. Michigan penalties are some of the most severe in the U.S., applying a type of “three strikes” rule. You first intoxicated driving offense will earn you jail time, a heavy fine, or both. You are also likely to end up with a suspended license and community service. A second offense can increase all of these punishments and extend your jail time and the length of the suspended license. Your third offense becomes a felonious charge and jail time turns into time in prison. A suspended license will become a revoked license.

Hard to earn a wage if you cannot drive to work

Have you ever tried to earn a living wage when you cannot drive back and forth to work? If you lose your license even for a short period of time, it could cost you your job. You cannot pay your bills if you do not have a job. To ensure that you can at least get back and forth to work legally with a suspended license, you need an Inkster DUI attorney to represent you in court. Only a well versed attorney with years of practical knowledge in DUI can get you through the process with as little suffering as possible.

Our professional DUI attorneys in Inkster

Our Inkster DUI attorneys will treat your case as a priority. We will work with you in a respectful and professional manner. We understand that everyone makes mistakes and sometimes we all need a little help correcting those mistakes. Let one of our Inkster DUI attorneys help you with your charge of driving while intoxicated. Call us to discuss your case free of charge at (877) 737-8800.

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