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Have you or a loved one been arrested for drunk driving?

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Our attorneys always use cost effective solutions when dealing with these cases. It is always crucial to speak with an experienced Warren MI DUI attorney before attempting to handle your case alone. Often times confused with a DUI, a DWI is an offense standing for ‘driving while intoxicated.’ Serious punishments go hand in hand with a DWI. However, it is possible to enter into a plea bargain in hopes of receiving a lesser penalty. At Goldman & Associates we understand the need to protect your rights and ultimately give you back what so many have lost in similar offenses—your freedom! Clients are fearful for not only the possible sentencing but also the increase of insurance charges, license revocation and high courtroom fees. This is why it is imperative to hire an experienced attorney to handle you case. Call today for your free consultation at (877)737-8800.

Warren MI “super drunk” law

Michigan has a new “super drunk” law and many other laws that are in effect regarding DWI. At Goldman & Associates our Warren MI DUI law firm attorneys have the expertise and experience to help their clients. The penalties for being convicted of drunk driving can severely damage your future personal and financial well-being. A first DUI, which in MI is known as OWI (operating while intoxicated), can result in the following penalties: up to 93 days in jail, license suspension, hundreds of dollars in fines, community service, 6 points on your driving record, driving responsibility fees, vehicle immobilization and ignition interlock. You do not want an inexperienced attorney to be responsible for the outcome of such a serious matter. Moreover, if you have multiple convictions the consequences become even more severe. Call toll free today for a free consultation (877) 737-8800.

Did you know …

Our Warren MI DUI lawyers have successfully handled numerous DWI cases. Because of the severity of the consequences that accompany a DWI conviction it is vital to consult with an experienced criminal defense attorney before you set foot in a courthouse. Call Goldman & Associates even if your particular case involves an accident, a breathalyzer test failure and/or incriminating statements made to law enforcement. Remember you get a free consultation with an experienced DWI attorney who will be by your side every step of the way. Some of the legal areas we can assist you with include: how to handle a citation, what to do after an arrest, how to protect your rights during a traffic stop and how to beat a DUI.

How our DUI / DWI Attorney can help you.

Our DUI / DWI attorneys in Warren will fight to defend you and your driving record. Handling a DUI case is never an easy task—it can also be embarrassing and financially crippling. In Michigan, the legal limit for alcohol consumption is 0.08, and anything above that can result in a driving offense. The outcome of your court case results in factors such as previous offenses, driving records and ultimately the attorney you choose to represent you in a court of law. Don’t take a chance with an inexperienced attorney. Call Goldman & Associates today for your free consultation. Ensure that your rights are protected! You can relax knowing your legal issue is in good hands with one simple toll free phone call to (877)737-8800. Call us and get help today.