Michigan Family Law Attorney

The burdens that often come along with handling a family law or divorce matter can be immense and make for an extremely stressful time. However, if you are going through a family law matter, it’s important to remember that having the expertise of our Michigan family law attorneys can help move your case in the right direction while using cost effective solutions to do so. Goldman & Associates law firm includes some of Michigan’s best child custody lawyers and Michigan family law attorneys in the Detroit area servicing all of Wayne County, Oakland County, Macomb County, and Washtenaw County.

If you find yourself in a family conflict or dispute, the best choice you can make is to turn to well-qualified Michigan family law attorneys. Goldman & Associates has successfully represented mothers, fathers, husbands and wives in hundreds of domestic matters throughout Metro Detroit. Our Michigan family law attorneys pride themselves on their extensive knowledge of Michigan’s domestic relations laws and the compassion with which they guide you through the difficult challenges you face. The goal of all Michigan family law attorneys at our firm is to decrease the stresses involved in family law matters by taking care of most everything and guiding you step-by-step through the legal system. Our Michigan family law attorneys have experience in handling the following:


While marriages are never entered with divorce in mind, it has become a more common aspect of today’s society in recent years. When handling a divorce, there are often questions and concerns that arise which you may not know the answer to. Contacting experienced and seasoned Michigan family law attorneys is always in your best interest before attempting to handle your legal issues alone. In Michigan, a divorce without children can be finalized in as little as sixty days, however the process is extended to 180 days if minors are involved, which generally requires the assistance of experienced Michigan family law attorneys.

Child Custody

As parents, our lawyers understand that the most important part of any divorce involving children is making sure that they are adequately taken care of throughout the entire process. Child custody matters can sometimes turn ugly in a court of law, which is why it’s best to always have an experienced Michigan child custody attorney at your side. Our Michigan family law attorneys provide elite child custody representation to our every client, and we’re also able to assist those who wish to challenge or modify a current arrangement in court.

Domestic Violence

There is nothing more unfortunate than seeing the pain of someone involved in a domestic violence case. The attorneys of Goldman & Associates aim to provide the best and most respectful legal services to those involved in such matters, and we will stop at nothing to assure that your case is met with success. Because you may feel threatened, it’s important that you file your claim in a timely matter as the protection and rights of you and your family are at stake. For these reasons, it is crucial to contact experienced Michigan family law attorneys as soon as possible.

Child Support

With divorce comes many other aspects that are often misjudged in a court of law. Child support is no exception. If you are involved in a divorce with child support, it’s necessary to contact an attorney from our law firm before entering into any sort of agreement. Our experienced Michigan family law attorneys are familiar with all aspects that go into calculating a child support payment, which is why we’re able to provide the best service possible to our every client. Each attorney at our law firm is also able to assist those who believe they are paying too much each month with what is known as child support modification.

If you are in need of the best Michigan child support attorney, look no further. Typical of most legal issues, it is crucial to speak with experienced Michigan family law attorneys as soon as your legal matter arises. Waiting too long to speak with a lawyer about your options can result in loss of rights depending on what your case revolves around.

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Family law is the area of the law that deals with family-related matters and domestic relations, including, marriage and civil unions, adoption, child abuse, and the termination of these sort of relationships.

Michigan Family Law Facts

Family law in Michigan is a broad area that covers a number of different topics, including child custody, child support, and divorce. In those family law cases involving children, the rights and best interest of the child are first and foremost taken into consideration. Another area of family law with a lot of activity is adoption law. Michigan has recently passed a number of new laws that have altered and in some cases, complicated, the divorce process, the effects of which are only beginning to be felt.

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