Michigan Guardianship Attorney – Conservatorship Lawyers

Dealing with proceedings involving guardianship can often make for a scary and complex time. New situations arise that require choices to be made quickly and accurately. With the help of an attorney from Goldman & Associates, the stress surrounding your case can be drastically reduced. Our skillful attorneys are able to provide first-rate legal advice in guardianship cases, and are prepared to offer the people of southeast Michigan proper and factual help.

What does guardianship mean?

The term guardianship is often used in a legal sense to describe a person that is appointed by a court of law to manage another parties financial or personal affairs due to an issue that limits the involvement of the original person. Typically, guardians are appointed in the following situations, including but not limited to:

Why choose a guardian?

In short, the most prominent reason for selecting a guardian to look after or make decisions for you are for security reasons. A guardian is responsible for correctly managing tasks they become in charge of all while making the best decisions involving your financial, physical, and mental protection. At Goldman & Associates law firm, our lawyers are able to advice our clients with the following:

If you are located in the Oakland County area and are in need of our attorney’s services, it is important to contact the lawyers of Goldman & Associates as soon as possible to speak with an experienced attorney regarding your guardianship options. Our skilled professionals are able to offer the type of expert representation and respect that your case deserves.

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