Fireworks Lawsuits In Michigan

At Goldman & Associates we hope everyone enjoys a happy and most importantly safe Fourth of July! This holiday is rich in tradition with picnics and fireworks! Usually there are big family gatherings and lots of children running around having fun! Let’s just make sure everyone stays safe. Fireworks are a wonderful way of celebrating the Fourth of July as long as they are dealt with properly. The best way to watch the beautiful colors and array of different patterns is by attending a public display in your city. Today almost every city has a certain date for a fireworks celebration. Unfortunately, accidents can and do occur and when they do you will need an experienced attorney from Goldman & Associates to make sure your rights are protected!

At Goldman & Associates you can call us toll free at (877) 737-8800. One simple phone call and we can give you a free consultation with an experienced attorney. The laws are very complex regarding the manufacturing of fireworks. Most manufacturers are located overseas. You need a lawyer who knows how to navigate through such matters. When dealing with firework injuries, families have numerous bills from hospitals, home-care and even death. Remember, fireworks are explosives. Even in the hands of an experienced person accidents do occur. There are times when things go wrong during the manufacturing process and something unexpected happens! If this were to happen secure a top notch attorney from Goldman & Associates. If you or a loved one has been injured this past Fourth of July, contact us immediately.

All accidents, of course, are a serious matter. No one likes to see anyone suffer. However, when the suffering occurs in a child it seems to affect everyone so much greater. If you do decide to handle the fireworks on your own please make sure no children are near them. A simple sparkler can reach the temperature hot enough to melt gold at 1800°F! It seems as though sparklers are manufactured just for children and they can invoke a lot of serious damages. Always remember that a firework is an explosive! At what other time of year would you give your young child or even your older teenager an explosive to go play with? Please stop and think. If we are needed in case of an accident contact Goldman & Associates right away to speak to a seasoned attorney regarding Fourth of July injuries. Remember, are number is toll free (877) 737-8800.

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