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At the MI law firm of Goldman & Associates, our lawyers see the need to provide expert litigation for all who need legal assistance, especially those whose rights may not be entirely protected throughout the legal process. All of our Michigan divorce lawyers for men have the experience necessary to bring your legal matter to justice, and we will stop at nothing until we’re able to achieve success for you. We understand you’re probably wondering about some of the following concerns, including:

Whatever type of divorce or family law issue that you’re currently going through, be it a military divorce, child support issue, child custody arrangement dispute, or any other type of divorce related issue, our every Michigan attorney is here for you. If you’d like to speak with Michigan divorce lawyers for men today, call us right now to begin working toward a solution for your legal troubles. We’ll help you put your life back together.

Divorce Laws and Men

A stigma exists that men can’t get a fair shake when it comes to getting a divorce. There is no doubt that television and radio ads contribute to such a notion. Of course, there are no statutes or rules that benefit women over men in divorce proceedings. If there were, they would obviously violate constitutional due process and equal protection rights afforded to all Americans. But does that mean that women are favored over men when it comes to getting a divorce?

Issues that Favor Women – What Men Need To Know

The main issues that men may feel they have been treated unfairly on are those which deal with property division, support and child custody. It is important to remember that a judge is going to consider all surrounding circumstances when making such determinations. So, a judge will consider who is in a better position moving forward to provide for themselves and their children. Judges also strive to keep the weaker party (financially speaking) in as similar of a financial position as he/she would have been in had the divorce not occurred for some time (to be determined by the court) after the divorce is finalized. So, a husband that makes significantly more money than his spouse is far likelier to pay a high amount for child and spousal support. Men may also feel that property division is unfair when they have contributed far more financially than their spouse did. However, in the eyes of the court, each party is equally responsible for the accrual of marital assets so property tends to be split somewhat evenly.

Considerations must also be made when making custody and parenting time orders. Judges want to award joint custody, but sometimes the parties make this impossible. Judges will consider the child custody factors in rendering a decision; gender is not a factor despite what some may say to the contrary.

Did You Know?

In Michigan, it’s possible to have a divorce without children finalized in as little as three months time, meaning that in just ninety days our Michigan divorce lawyers for men can put you in the position to finally move forward and on with this difficult time of your life. If children are present in the marriage, the length of time is generally extended in order to assure that the rights and best interest of the minors are accounted for. At Goldman & Associates law firm, our every Michigan divorce lawyer wants you to know that we won’t stop fighting for your rights until we’re able to produce the outcomes that you and your loved ones have been waiting to see.

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