Unclaimed Inheritance in Michigan

If you have recently discovered that someone left you something in your will, but you did not know about it until recently, it is likely that you will have to make a claim and contact the Michigan Department of Treasury.

How Do I Find Out If There is Unclaimed Property?

The Michigan Department of Treasury’s website allows one to inquire as to whether there is any unclaimed property out there for that person. Should you find that there is unclaimed property with your name on it, you will have to file an initial inquiry form.

How Long Will This Take?

It may take up to ninety days for the treasury department to process your claim, or it may take longer if there are unforeseen issues that arise. You should be prepared to give your social security number, name and property number to the department.

Main Issue Likely to Create a Holdup

The main issue that may arise when attempting to claim previously unclaimed property from the Department of Treasury is where the prospective claimant has changed his/her name. Issues may also arise where the claimant is an heir to the rightful property owner. This may cause issues for obvious reasons.

What Happens if My Unclaimed Property Is Not Claimed?

If too much time passes in between the time the property was submitted to the treasury department and the time that it is officially claimed, the property may have been sold at auction. However, the rightful owner of the property is entitled to the proceeds of that auction should your property be sold. It is also important to note that heirs are entitled to recover unclaimed money from the treasury department should it exist.

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