Michigan Unclaimed Property

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Unclaimed Assets In Michigan

Property that goes unclaimed in the State of Michigan can fall into the hands of the various government departments, and that is a good thing because that means that it is available to its rightful owner, or at the very least, the proceeds from the sale of that property is. Unclaimed property may be the result of a long-lost relative who left something to you, property that was lost and fell into the hands of a good samaritan who reported it to the authorities or property that was stolen and recovered by the authorities.

Do I Have Unclaimed Property or Unclaimed Assets?

Our attorneys can help you reconnect what’s rightfully yours.  Our experts work extremely diligently in making sure that the process is simple for you, while we work on the entire recovery process for you. Our lawyers will take the required steps in reconnecting our clients with their unclaimed property.

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How Do I Get It?

To make a claim for unclaimed property in Michigan, we will need to submit forms on your behalf, and you should be prepared to provide your contact information and social security number. It may take up to ninety days for your claim to be processed in most cases. It could take longer if unforeseen circumstances arise. If property remains unclaimed, it may be sold at auction if too much time passes since being submitted the department. In these situations, owners of the unclaimed property are entitled to the proceeds collected from the sale of the property. Heirs are also entitled to these proceeds if they submit a claim.

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For some, claiming lost property may feel like winning the lottery. For others, they are provided with the peace of mind that a valuable family heirloom has been replaced to its rightful home. Submitting and filing the appropriate paperwork is worth your time. Or, especially if you are out-of-state, you may need help in making sure that what is rightfully yours is returned to you. Goldman & Associates can help. We are experienced attorneys serving all of Michigan and beyond. Call us today for a free initial telephone consultation at (877) 737-8800.

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Don’t let your unclaimed property remain in someone else’s hands. Searching for and claiming lost, stolen or inherited property is easy. Let Goldman & Associates assist you in taking back priceless, sentimental family heirlooms; as well as expensive stolen property that was thought to be lost long ago. Contact us today for a free consultation.