Boat and Snowmobile Drunk Driving Laws in Michigan

Snowmobiles  DUI Laws

Accused offenders are presumed to not be impaired if their blood alcohol content is registered at .07 or less.  Offenders with readings of .08 – .1 are presumed to be impaired.  Any reading above .1 and an offender is presumed to be under the influence—a more serious offense.  First time offenders are guilty of a misdemeanor punishable by up to 93 days in jail, a fine of $100 – $500, and community service of up to 45 days.  Just like in any other criminal defense case, prior offenses will enhance the penalties which may be wielded.

Boating DUI Laws

The presumptions made based upon an offender’s blood alcohol content while operating a boat are the same as those presumptions made as if he were operating a snowmobile.  Registered readings of those whose blood alcohol content is .07 or less are presumed to not be impaired.  Readings of .08 – .1 are presumed to be impaired, and readings above .1 are presumed to be under the influence.  And again, just like with snowmobile offenses, offenders are guilty of a misdemeanor up to 93 days in jail, a fine of $100 – $500, and community service not to exceed 45 days. If you or a loved on been involved in a MI boat accident, contact us today for a free case evaluation.

Impact of Snowmobile and MI Boating Convictions On Drunk Driving Offenses and Vice Versa

Quite frankly, there is no impact based upon how the statutes are written.  A boating offense will not enhance an automobile drunk driving offense; nor will a drunk driving offense enhance a boating offense.  The same holds true as it pertains to snowmobiles.  Having said that, judges will be aware of an offender’s entire criminal history at the time of sentencing; and it is likely that multiple offenses for drunk driving, regardless of whether by automobile, boat or snowmobile, will impact a judge’s decisions at the time of sentencing.

Contact a Drunk Driving Expert Today

If you have been arrested for any MI drunk driving offense, you should contact an attorney immediately.  Often times people erroneously believe that offenses made while operating a boat or snowmobile are less serious than if they were pulled over while driving a car.  This is not the case.  These are all criminal offenses, and depending on the judge, you could receive jail time for a first offense.  Akiva Goldman & Associates are experienced Michigan criminal defense lawyers, for additional information,  please visit Michigan drunk driving attorney or Michigan boat accident lawyer or call us today today for a free consultation.