Probate Laws in Michigan

Michigan probate courts handle a variety of legal matters concerning the health and well-being of many Michigan residents. When most people think of probate court, they usually envision the opening up of decedents’ estates. Of course probate courts handle these matters, but they provide other services also. If you find yourself having to attend to a probate matter, you should probably contact an attorney for guidance on what makes sense in your particular situation. What follows are some common probate issues that a probate attorney may advise you upon.

Opening an Estate and Drafting a Will

Opening and distributing an estate can be a lot of work. Personal representatives need to be appointed. Interested parties need to be notified. Letters of authority need to be issued. Accountings and inventories must be filed with the court. Unforeseen issues could pop up; objections might be made as to the personal representative or a decedent’s will could be contested for a variety of reasons. Contacting an experienced probate attorney can help you prepare for what comes next, and should you need a will drafted, an attorney can attempt to help you avoid probate altogether by creating a pour-over will and trust for the benefit of your loved ones after you have passed. Language can also be added to penalize those who would otherwise challenge your will. Contact us today for more information.

Guardianship or Power of Attorney?

Guardianships and powers of attorney are documents which prepare for one’s health and financial well-being in the event that they are a minor or should they become incompetent later on. These documents place the power to act on another person’s behalf, or to act as a legal guardian/custodian of another individual, and obligate such individuals to act in the best interests of the minor or incapacitated individual. Talk to an attorney today to find out what the benefits and drawbacks may be as applied to your situation.

Trusts, Protective Orders and Other Civil Proceedings

Do you want to find a way to help your family avoid probate after you die? Are you, as a fiduciary and on behalf of another person, looking to file a claim against someone else? Probate courts hear issues pertaining to trusts, protective orders and other actions filed by fiduciaries. Attorneys should be consulted before taking any action regarding any of these issues.

Contact a Michigan Probate Attorney Today

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