Michigan Legal Specialties

The law offices of Goldman & Associates take pride in every case that comes before us. Over the years, our team of experienced professionals have grown to focus on presenting our clients with the utmost respect while providing an aggressive and tailored approach to each individual case.

Our expert attorneys have a primary focus in the following three main areas of the legal system:

Family Law

Going through family issues is no easy task, especially when you have the added stress of finding a knowledgeable attorney to represent you. At Goldman & Associates, we specialize in making sure that you feel comfortable and understand every aspect of your case. Michigan’s leading family law attorney’s can help you with the following matters that can arise from divorce or separation:

Criminal Defense

Having represented criminal defense clients for over 20 years, our team of experienced lawyers have the knowledge that it takes to represent and fight for the rights that you deserve. In the past, Goldman & Associates have been responsible for representing cases and people from all walks of life, including:

Personal Injury

Unlike most personal injury attorneys, the lawyers at Goldman & Associates pride themselves on their ability to listen carefully to the needs of their clients. Dealing with an injury is a serious issue, and we want you to know that our attorneys will not stand by and allow you to be taken advantage of. We deal with a wide variety of personal injury claims, and it is best to contact our office as soon as possible to see how we can be of assistance to you.

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If you or someone you know has a need for an experienced, resourceful, and accomplished attorney in family law, personal injury, or criminal defense, the law offices of Goldman & Associates is your best option. Please, contact us today at (248) 588-3333 or toll free at (877) 737-8800.