Insurance Claim Attorney in Michigan

Contrary to what may be advertised, insurance companies are devoted to one thing, and it isn’t helping you. It’s saving money. They will go to great lengths to do so even if it means hassling you during your time of need.

They do this in different ways. They might try to make you provide documentation for items lost in a fire, all the while knowing that you can’t provide it because it too was lost in the same fire!!
They might withhold wages owed to you in a disability claim because your former employer has been slow in getting back forms to them. They might even fail to pay your claim because you share the same last name as someone who they believe has made too many claims. The bottom line is insurance companies are great at taking your premiums but not so great in paying your claims.

What Are Insurance Claims?

Insurance claims can be filed directly with the insurer or through brokers or agents. They can be made for a variety of reasons, depending on the type of insurance, and are subject to the determination and evaluation of a claim adjuster.

We Can Help

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When that happens you need a professional experienced in dealing with the insurance company who will make them do what the law requires them to do and pay you what’s owed? At Goldman & Associates making insurance companies do just that for a quarter of a century. Let us use experience to help you in your time of need.