Michigan 4th of July Fireworks Injuries

The Fourth of July is a holiday that many people share with their family and friends. When one thinks of this holiday the images of sunshine, picnics, hot dogs and fireworks appear in our thoughts. At Goldman & Associates we would like to wish everyone a happy and most importantly a safe Fourth of July. With all of the excitement that occurs with this wonderful traditional holiday we sometimes forget the inherent risks that are involved with fireworks. Children are often the victim of these horrible accidents. A sparkler can be very intriguing to a young child. Adults often give these bright, sparkling wonders to their young children. Are you aware that a single sparkler can reach temperatures of 1800°F-that is hot enough to melt gold! What other type of year would you give your child anything so dangerous?

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The best way to enjoy this wonderful holiday would be to attend a public display with you and your loved ones. If you do decide to purchase fireworks please keep the children in your family away from them. Let the adults make the trip to the emergency room, not a child. The laws are very complex in regards to fireworks as the manufacturers are usually overseas. You need to have a seasoned attorney that can navigate your case successfully through the court system. You need a lawyer that will stand up for you in a court of law and has experience. If you have the misfortune of being injured by a firework or firecracker please call Goldman & Associates toll free for a free consultation at (877)737-8800. We can assist you with your injury legal matters.

Michigan Fireworks Accidents Lawsuits

Each and every Fourth of July there are extremely serious injuries that occur from the misuse of fireworks. The best way to view a fireworks display is to attend one of the many local events around your city. At Goldman & Associates we want you to have a happy and most importantly a safe Fourth of July! If you must have your own fireworks display please make sure your children are kept away from them. The packaging for fireworks is often very intriguing to a child and they just want to touch them. There is always the chance that the firework was manufactured wrong and something unexpected could happen.. You would never give your child or teenager an explosive to play with, so please do not purchase them fireworks. If you have had the misfortune of being injured you need a seasoned attorney who has experience in this field. Call Goldman & Associates today for a free consultation at (877) 737-8800.

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Remember, you are dealing with explosives. What other time of year would you go outside and light explosives? Let alone give one to your child? It is not always the fault of the person lighting the firework. Any lack of care during the manufacture or design process could lead to a very serious injury or death. At Goldman & Associates we are experienced with the issues in these types of cases. The first step you should take should be to secure the representation of an experienced attorney from Goldman & Associates. We have seasoned lawyers that know the complex rules relating to this area of law. Call us toll free today for a free consultation at (877)737-8800. Call us today and we can help you put the law on your side! We wish you a safe 4th of July!