Insurance Attorney In Michigan

We get lots of clients who have to deal with insurance companies for a wide variety of reasons. Whether your insurer refuses to pay for damage to your house, damage to your automobile or personal injury, it is important to contact an experienced attorney to let you know whether a deal being offered by your insurer is acceptable, and if it is not, to help you throughout what is likely to be a confusing legal process.

What Goldman & Associates Can Do For You

The truth is that the insurance industry works just like every other one – they will do what they can to make as much money as possible. If that means that they have to give their customers a hard time over paying out insurance benefits, then that is exactly what they will do. Insurance companies will deny benefits knowing that they can probably get away with just settling an insurance claim for less than the policy calls for. Goldman & Associates has served Metro Detroit for over twenty-five years, and with that experience come relationships with various judges and lawyers throughout the area.

We know the attorneys who represent your insurer. We know the judges who reside over these cases. We can let you know how strong your case is, whether settling your claim makes sense and to what lengths your insurer is likely to go to in an attempt to just make you go away. Suing your insurer for breach of an insurance contract is likely to lead to lengthy and complex litigation. You need an attorney to represent your interests in these kinds of cases as many insurance companies are likely to posture and intimidate customers into accepting unreasonable settlements.

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Our firm is here to help. Don’t get pushed around by your insurance company. You cannot trust what they have to say; they’ll only tell you that which benefits their own interests. For an honest and straightforward opinion on your case, contact us today for a free consultation at 877-737-8800.

How Our Michigan Lawyers Can Help

Don’t get pushed around by your insurance company. Insurance companies make calculated decisions in an attempt to minimize the payout of insurance proceeds. You need an experienced attorney to help you if your insurance company refuses to pay your claim, or low balls you in an effort to make you go away. Contact Goldman & Associates today for a free consultation at 877-737-8800.