Michigan Legal Documents – Contracts – Review

At some point, everyone finds that they need a legal document drafted or a legal contract reviewed. Whether you are preparing for your future by drafting a will or power of attorney, whether you need a lease agreement drafted so that you can rent out that extra space in your basement, or whether you already find yourself involved in a lawsuit and are unsure of what you need to do, Goldman & Associates can help you with all of your legal drafting needs.

We Have Experience Drafting All Kinds of Legal Documents

Our firm is a general practice law firm specializing in defending criminal prosecutions and a wide variety of civil litigation. If you find that you need a legal document drafted or a contract reviewed, you would be wise to contact one of our experienced attorneys for a free consultation. There are a lot of websites that provide legal documents for a fee. However, users of these kinds of sites should be wary.

Some sites are simply scams. They will obtain a customer’s personal information and use that information for fraudulent reasons. There are other sites that are legitimate businesses, but you aren’t really going to know whether the documents being drafted for you fit your particular needs. Every word in a document matters when it comes to the law. How a word is used or whether a document fails to address a key issue may create serious implications down the road when it comes time for a judge or jury to construe what a document is supposed to be or what it means.

Some of the documents we draft for our clients regularly include the following:

• Wills
• Deeds
• Powers of Attorney
• Prenuptial/Antenuptial and Postnuptial Agreements
• Contracts
• Leases
• Complaints
• Motions
• Affidavits
• Discovery requests

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Regardless of what your question is, Goldman & Associates are here to help you. We can let you know what kind of a legal document you need, and whether it is something that you are capable of drafting on your own and without the assistance of an attorney. We can also assist with reviewing your legal contracts. Contact us today for a free consultation at 877-737-8800 to learn how we can be of assistance.

Our attorneys can help you with your Michigan Legal Documents & Contracts

Drafting a legal document or reviewing a legal contract needs to be taken seriously. Only an experienced attorney can let you know whether you are truly capable of drafting a document on your own or whether the assistance of an attorney is required. Don’t rely on online scams to get the job done for you. Contact Goldman & Associates today for a free consultation. Call our expert attorneys and get help today with your Michigan legal contracts and documents.