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What is Life Insurance?

Quite simply, life insurance is an agreement made with an insurance company whereby the insured party agrees to pay premiums, and the company agrees to pay proceeds in the event that the insured party dies.

Who is Entitled to Life Insurance Proceeds?

In every life insurance contract, beneficiaries of the insurance proceeds are named in the agreement. The insured party usually has the option of changing named beneficiaries. In some cases there may be a dispute as to whether the insured party was of sound mind when changing a named beneficiary.

Do I Need to Go Through Probate Court?

No, insurance proceeds pass outside of probate court – they are not a part of the decedent’s estate. Life insurance is based in contract law, and the proceeds pass by operation of law upon the insured’s death.

Can I Challenge the Named Beneficiaries Listed in the Policy?

Generally, no, one cannot challenge those beneficiaries named in a policy. The insured party has great discretion in designating beneficiaries in life insurance policies, and absent a finding that the insured was incapacitated and unable to understand his/her actions, there can be challenge.

Common Challenges Your Insurer Makes

Insurance companies are just like any other business. They do what they can to make as much money as possible. If that means that withholding life insurance proceeds and litigating the issue is likely to be cheaper than just forking over the cash to designated beneficiaries, then so be it. Insurers are likely to challenge a policy on the basis that the insured misrepresented his/her health status. Such misrepresentations must be material – the misrepresentations must be such that the insurer would not have entered into the agreement had the true facts been presented. Other circumstances that could let the insurer off the hook are where the insured stopped paying premiums or where the insured committed suicide.

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