Mediation and Arbitration Lawyers in Michigan

Often times, people assume that every legal matter must be settled inside a courtroom and in front of a judge. At Goldman & Associates law firm, our lawyers offer the service of Mediation & Arbitration as a great courtroom alternative to our clients. Our attorneys

Understand that when money and time are of the essence, it could be best to choose mediation and arbitration over a trial depending on your legal issue.

Why Choose Mediation & Arbitration?

The Arbitration and Mediation services offered through Goldman & Associates give clients a more private element and different approach to settlement as opposed to the sometimes lengthy and tedious courtroom environment. As mentioned above, mediation and arbitration is often times a great deal cheaper than courtroom litigation, and also allows you to set the pace for your case. In a court of law, a judge makes your schedule, however you become in charge of your appearances when you choose mediation or arbitration. Mediation or Arbitration is a great solution for the following legal matters:

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What is Arbitration?

Arbitration is the hearing and settling of a dispute chosen by an agreed upon arbitrator. During the process, each party will be able to express their position while the arbitrator makes a final decision that is binding by both parties involved. This process can be much faster than courtroom litigation, and also much less expensive.

What is Mediation?

What drives most to consider mediation is the amount of privacy awarded to the individuals involved. Mediation does not involve a public filing, making unwanted publicity non-existent. The process also offers much more flexibility in reaching a settlement that would not be possible in the courtroom. Different from litigation, the mediator does not command a settlement and has no power to do so. Instead, the power to settle lies with the parties themselves.

At Goldman & Associates, we have over 25 years of legal experience in handling mediation and arbitration cases. We know how important a cost effective and timely settlement is for you, and we’re here to offer our expertise to guide you in the right direction through the entire process. Our promise to every client is to ensure that their case is monitored closely by a knowledgeable attorney and that we offer cost effective solutions in a timely manor.

Divorce Mediation in Michigan

Divorce cases can get expensive if the parties are unwilling to cooperate with one another in an effort to facilitate a settlement. In these cases, one tool which exists is mediation. Mediation is a form of negotiation which provides a process which forces the parties to come together to hammer out a deal in an effort to avoid trial. Remember, with trial comes additional costs and expenses and extra time and preparation on the parts of all involved. Although mediation may not always lead to a successful deal, it is often times ordered by a judge nonetheless even if the parties do not want to dedicate more time and resources toward it.

How Does Mediation Work?

Mediators gather the parties and discuss at length the issues which stand in the way of settlement. Depending on the kind of mediation, the mediator may issue written reports or provide an opinion on a likely outcome. The time it takes to mediate any particular case could potentially last a full day as all cases, and all clients, are different. But again, the true value of conducting mediation is to get the parties talking. Often times the parties appreciate this aspect of the process as it allows them the opportunity to speak about their case.

There is no judge, and there is no jury involved. The rules of evidence are inapplicable. So the parties are allowed to speak freely in an effort to avoid trial. Or, at the very least, resolve other issues which will save time and money later on at trial. One other important note regarding mediation is that it is not binding on the parties. So, any conclusion your mediator may reach will have no bearing on what a judge or jury will have to say when ruling on the matter later on. So, in this sense, mediation usually makes sense for the parties when weighing the potential benefit (settling) and drawbacks (paying for mediation which does not lead to settlement).

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