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The real estate attorneys at Goldman & Associates have a wealth of knowledge and extensive experience in assisting individuals and businesses with the purchase, sale and transfer of real estate throughout Wayne, Oakland and Macomb counties. As with all legal issues, it is important for every person to always have the expertise of a seasoned lawyer at their side to allow all proceedings to flow smoothly.

Why Choose A Goldman & Associates?

Whether you are purchasing or selling a home or commercial real estate, our each and ever lawyer will explain everything required to successfully realize your real estate goals. Additionally, because of our firm’s solid relationship with a variety of local title companies, each lawyer at our firm can assist you in accomplishing a comprehensive title examination.

The law firm of Goldman & Associates always makes sure to provide our each and every client with the highest quality of service possible, which includes:

Each Detroit attorney from our firm is able to offer the following services to all residents in Michigan, including but not limited to:

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Further, if you or a loved one is contemplating transferring real estate to a family member or friend via a quit claim deed, we can assist you in ensuring that the deed comports with Michigan and local laws. Each Detroit attorney will explain to you the tax consequences of such transfers as well as the complex and often confusing title-holder designations.

If you are considering purchasing, selling, transferring or exchanging real estate, you need a lawyer that will do everything in their power to ensure that you fully understand the law and your rights. Therefore, it is wise to contact one of our experienced, skilled and aggressive real estate Michigan lawyers today to discuss your legal issues.

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To speak with the best attorney possible, please contact the our law firm of Goldman & Associates today to review your case with a specialist. A top Detroit attorney can be reached by phoning (248) 588-3333 or (877) 737-8800 for a free legal consultation. To ensure the protection of your rights, please contact our law firm first before speaking with anyone else regarding the legal issues of your case.