Wage Loss in Michigan

If you have been injured, you may have some very serious questions about how you will provide for yourself or your family as you move forward. Often times, injured plaintiffs attempt to collect for lost wages during the time that they are injured and unable to work. Probably the most common case which calls for the collection of lost wages are workers’ compensation claims.

Workers’ Compensation Wage Loss Benefits

Wage loss benefits as they pertain to workers’ compensation cases are often times misunderstood. Many workers, for example, incorrectly believe that they are entitled to exactly what they would have made had they been working. Unfortunately, most workers are only entitled to around eighty percent of their after-tax wages. Wages are calculated on an average, weekly basis.

Wages are not paid until a worker has missed a minimum of two weeks of work. If an injured worker is out for a third week or beyond, he/she is entitled to the first week’s wages. Injured workers may collect wage loss benefits throughout the entire period that he/she is disabled and unable to work. So, hypothetically speaking, a disabled worker could collect wage loss benefits for the rest of his/her life. Surviving spouses and children may also be entitled to wage loss benefits in the event that a worker is killed on the job. Calculating wage loss benefits can be difficult as there are numerous issues that the parties may be at odds over. For example, how is overtime calculated? How many hours has the injured claimant worked per week? What impact does working a “partial” week have on these calculations? These are just a few of the issues are likely to pop up when trying to calculate wage loss benefits.

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