Notary Public in Sterling Heights Michigan

What is a Notary Public?

A notary public is technically an officer commissioned by the Secretary of State of the state of Michigan. A notary public’s main function is to act as a witness.

Why Do I Need a Notary Public?

Notarizing a document certifies the identity of the person who signed it. This is done in an effort to prevent fraud. Before a document may be notarized, proof must be displayed to the notary public of the identity of the person signing, and once that identity has been confirmed and the person signs the document in the notary’s presence, a notary public signs off on the document i.e., notarizes it.

Prohibitions of a Notary Public

A notary public is prohibited from the following (Information provided by the Michigan Secretary of State):
• A notary public cannot certify or notarize that a record is an original or a true copy of another record.

• A notary public cannot notarize his or her own signature or take his/her own deposition.

• A notary public cannot claim to have powers, qualifications, rights or privileges that the office of notary public does not provide, including the power to counsel on immigration matters.

• A notary public is prohibited from using any term that implies the notary is an attorney, and from advertising in a foreign language, unless the following statement is prominently displayed in the same language: “I am not an attorney and have no authority to give advice on immigration or other legal matters.” The appropriate fees as specified by statute must also be displayed.

• A notary public cannot use the term “notario publico” or any equivalent non-English term.

• A notary public cannot perform a notarial act in connection with a transaction if the notary is named in the transaction or has a direct financial or beneficial interest in the transaction.

• A notary public cannot perform a notarial act for a family member.

Notary Public Services in Sterling Heights MI – in Your Neighborhood

Some documents require the help of a notary public. A notary public acts as a witness to confirm that identity of one who signs a document. A notary public is prohibited from providing legal advice or signing off on document which they have an interest in. We provide notary services for your convenient. Call us today at (586) 268-4200.