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Welcome to Michigan Out Of State Lawyers. Are you an out-of-state resident, and do you have legal matters to attend to in Michigan? If the answer is “yes,” it is important to hire a Michigan attorney. It goes without saying, although I’ll say it anyway, that all states have their own set of rules and procedures when it comes to dealing with various legal matters. If you are an out-of-state resident, and you have a pending legal matter in the State of Michigan, it is extremely important to talk to an experienced Michigan attorney about your case. Why? Because although all lawyers know the law; the question is: what law does the lawyer know?

Why Do I Need A Michigan Attorney?

Attorneys from other states cannot help you with matters that may arise which involve Michigan law. And even if they are somewhat familiar with Michigan’s laws, court rules and procedures, it is likely that they are not familiar with local judges, court clerks, court systems, police departments or other attorneys. Having these connections help all lawyers, in any jurisdiction, perform their tasks in an efficient, competent fashion. These connections cannot be learned from reading a book, they only come with experience. That means that only a Michigan lawyer is going to have the ability to effectively represent you while keeping your costs at a minimum when it comes to legal matters in Michigan.

Live Out of State And Sued In MI

For someone to sue you in the state of Michigan, you must have some interesting connection to the state. The most common ways for this to happen are by living or doing business in Michigan. However, there are a few other ways you might find yourself under the jurisdiction of a Michigan court, through what is known as the long-arm statute. Those ways include doing doing something that would give rise to a cause of action in Michigan (for example, coming into Michigan, punching someone, and then leaving), owning property that is situated in the state (although usually that will only give the court jurisdiction over you with regard to that property), providing insurance against a risk in Michigan, entering into a contract for providing services in Michigan, being a high official with a Michigan corporation (or corporation with its primary place of business located in Michigan), or if you were domiciled here while married (or otherwise have a relationship that could be the basis for divorce or child custody/ support).

While this sounds very broad, it is important to remember that reach that this gives to courts is going to be tied to the action at hand. For example, contracts for services only give courts jurisdiction for the purposes of that contract, owning property in Michigan only give the courts jurisdiction over you relative to that property. If you ever find yourself being sued in Michigan, you will want to contact an experienced attorney who is familiar with Michigan law to help you defend the claim.

Out of State Judgment

One difficulty that sometimes arises after court cases, once you obtain a judgment, is getting the defendant to pay up. When the defendant is outside of the jurisdiction of the court issuing the judgment, he or she may may think that he is safe from having to comply with the terms, especially if that person is not just outside of the city or county that the court sits in, but outside of the state itself. Fortunately, as a matter of constitutional law, judgments from any court with proper jurisdiction are to be given what is called “full faith and credit,” without regard to where the persons involved in that case run. If you have a judgment against a person residing in Michigan, even if that judgment is from another state, it is possible to have a Michigan court enforce that judgment.

Proof of that judgment needs to be filed in the appropriate court here in Michigan, and after the appropriate waiting period, if that judgment is not facing an appeal in its home jurisdiction, the Michigan court can issue an order for enforcement here. If you have a judgment from another state against a person residing in Michigan, you should speak with a Michigan attorney who can help you through the process of getting the judgment enforced.

Out of State Document & Contract Review

With the current business climate of the world today, it is not uncommon for business to be transacted between states or for people to move between states. As a result, situations arise where a contract or other legal document from another state will end up in controversy in the state of Michigan. The first thing to consider is whether the document itself gives any guidance as to the applicable law.

Many contracts and other legal documents contain choice of law provisions, which call for the document to be interpreted under the laws of some chosen state. Generally, courts will respect these provisions and apply the laws of the chosen state, even if the court is not sitting in that state. There are some exceptions to this, such when the state whose laws are being chosen have nothing no connection with the parties or the subject of the contract, or when the application of the other state’s laws would be fundamentally against the public policy of Michigan. If you have an out of state document from another state that may become the subject of a legal dispute in Michigan, you should consider contacting an experienced Michigan attorney.

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