Michigan Out Of State Attorney & Legal Resource Guide

List of legal resources for out of town residents

1. Michigan Out Of State Attorney


lawyers, law firm

Are you an out-of-state resident, and do you have legal matters to attend to in Michigan? Click on link above for further information.

2. Divorce and Moving Out Of State


domicile, parent relocation 

Are you a Michigan out-of-state resident and thinking about getting a divorce?

3. Out Of State Child Support 


collecting payments, alimony

Are you an out-of-state resident trying to enforce a child support order in Michigan? Or, were you a Michigan resident who is trying to enforce an order in another state?

4. Custody Laws When Moving Out-of-State


joint & legal custody

If you are living in Michigan with children, but you are thinking of moving more than 100 miles away (whether in Michigan or out of Michigan), you must ask the court for permission to make such a long move.

5. Child Custody and Moving Out Of State


visitation & child rights

Are you an out-of-state Michigan resident with custody or parenting time issue in Michigan? Or, are you wondering if you will be allowed to move with your child to another state?

6. Out Of State Child Support Arrears

arrearage defense, overdue child support


Get answers to questions about child support arrears and debt owed to the government by a non-custodial parent because the state supported the family while the dependent children in a child support case were on public assistance.

7. Out Of State Military Divorce


family law, out of state divorce 

Military divorces involve a complicated interaction between state and federal laws. Click on link above for additional information.

8. Car Accident Out Of State 


auto injury, no-fault

Are you an out-of-state resident, but involved in an automobile accident in?

9. No-Fault Out of State Driver


accident, injury

Depending on the state you live in, Michigan’s no-fault automobile laws may seem somewhat familiar to you as many other states have their own version of this system. Click on link above for more information.

10. Out of State DUI


drunk driving, OWI & DWI defense

Have you been arrested for drunk driving in Michigan and live out of state? Getting arrested for DUI is a serious matter regardless of where it happens and the penalties can be especially harsh.

11. Find a Lawyer In Michigan


what you need to know

Do you have a legal matter and require legal representation? Get help here finding an attorney?

12. Out Of State Probate 


estate, will

Do you live outside the state of Michigan and have questions about the probate process?

13. Out of State Speeding Ticket 


beating a moving violation, dismissal 

Have you been pulled over for speeding in Michigan and you’re not sure what to do?

14. Out Of State Traffic Ticket 


points on license, moving violation

Are you an out-of-state driver who was pulled over in Michigan? Michigan’s driving record, point system is not unlike that of many other states.

15. Out Of State Collections


contract, getting a judgement 

Are you a non-resident of Michigan and wondering whether you can collect on an out-of-state judgment in Michigan?

16. Out Of State Document & Contract Review

legal forms and documents


Get information here document and contract review.

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