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Welcome to Michigan Out Of State Criminal Attorneys. Being accused of a crime is a difficult thing, and can be one of the most stressful things that can happen to a person. Being accused of a crime in a state other than the one you live will only serve to make the situation that much more complex and difficult.

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If you are a defendant in a criminal case in Michigan, there is going to be a question about whether the court has appropriate jurisdiction. A court in Michigan can assert proper jurisdiction over you if you do something that constitutes a crime while you are visiting the state, but a court may also have jurisdiction over you if you do commit an act that has a substantial impact in Michigan. The easiest to understand example for this kind of situation would be, for example, if you were standing near the boarder between Michigan and Ohio, and fired a gun from Ohio into Michigan and hit someone. In this situation, although may have never actually entered the state of Michigan yourself, your actions would be sufficient to give a Michigan court jurisdiction over you.

Some people believe that if they are charged with a crime in one state, that they will be okay as long as they never return to that state. This is simply not true. If you are charged with a crime in one state, a court in that state can summon you before it to face those charges, and can issue a warrant for your arrest. Generally speaking, if you are wanted for a crime in one state, other states will be willing to arrest you and send you to the state where the criminal charges are pending. If you ever become aware that you have criminal charges pending in Michigan, you need to take steps to get the situation handled as soon as possible, to avoid making the situation worse.

One final consideration is what happens after the criminal case is finished when you are an out of state defendant. Judges will often order a probation as a term of a sentence, in lieu of time in jail. For in state defendants, this works out well because it allows the individual to continue with their daily life without the serious interruption of being incarcerated. When you are a defendant from another state, you may think that this option is not available to you. This is not necessarily the case, however. While an out of state defendant surely will not be able to comply with reporting probation to a county or city probation department in Michigan, a court in Michigan may be willing to work out an arrangement where the defendant will be able to serve a term of probation in his or her home state. In some cases, the court may even be willing to place the defendant on non-reporting probation. If you find yourself defending a criminal charge in Michigan, you are going to want to have an attorney who is familiar with the criminal laws, as well as the courts of Michigan, to help you reach the best possible outcome.

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