Michigan Out Of State Military Divorce

military divorce

Welcome to Michigan Out Of State Military Divorce Attorneys. Going through a divorce is a difficult thing, and when one of the members of the marriage is in the military, it can become an even more complex legal situation. In many ways, a military divorce will function the same as an ordinary divorce. On the other hand, there are several issues that are likely to arise in a military divorce that are not present in other divorces.

One issue that tends to comes up in military divorces is logistical difficulties arising from the nature of the employment by the US military. Fortunately, courts are often willing to allow members of the armed forces to make court appearances by phone, video conference, or through an attorney.

Another possible difficulty arising in a military divorce is child custody. Child custody can be one of the most hotly contested in any divorce, and is something that courts spend great deal of time trying to figure out. When one parent is in the military, the reality is that that parent could be moved around the country, or even around the world, at any time. It is possible that such a constant threat of disruption may not be in a child’s best interest, which is the standard that the court will always be looking for when determining a custody arrangement. However, a parent in the military will never be discriminated against by a court for his or her service, and generally speaking, has just as much right to custody and/ or parenting time as any other parent. That said, because of the nature of such parents work, military parents will often have to work out custody arrangements that look different that the standard arrangement. In situations like these, even more so than in ordinary divorces, the assistance of an experienced attorney can be crucial in obtaining the best possible results and protecting your rights.

Another common point of dispute between parents in a divorce case is child support. Child support is generally determined on the basis of, on one hand, how much parenting time each of the parents have, and compared to, on the other hand, the standard of living that should exist for a child whose parents have the level of resources available to the parents in the case. There is more to the calculations than how much money each parent spends on the child, however. Other considerations, such as benefits that the child receives through each parents (such as being covered under one parent’s health care) are relevant considerations. What constitutes each parent’s assets and income is also relevant. When a divorce involves a parent that is in the military, there are a lot of different benefits at stake that could be considered assets for the purposes of calculating child support, which means that in these cases, it is vital to obtain an attorney who is familiar with the law to ensure that the support arrangement in your case is fair.

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