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Our Michigan personal injury lawyers have expertise in dealing with various legal matters including but not limited to car accident, motorcycle accident, hit and run and dog bite. Being injured due to someone else’s negligence is always avoidable, but unfortunately not every business or person takes the proper care to ensure that injuries are avoided at all cost. In Michigan, personal injury can result in the loss of wages, emotional instability, family breakdown, and most often physical pain.

The attorneys of Goldman & Associates have worked to defend southeast Michigan’s residents in personal injury cases for the better part of 25 years, and we always make sure that our every client is protected and fought for. In time, our attorneys have come to be experts in personal injury cases relating to car accidents, truck accidents, motorcycle accidents, boating injuries, and many others. As with all legal matters, speaking with a seasoned personal injury attorney in Michigan is always your best option for fast and proven results.

Personal Injury Claims

When it comes to handling personal injury claims, the process is often lengthy and tedious as insurance companies attempt to find any flaw in your presentation. That being said, the most important aspect of your case comes down to who you allow to stand up for your rights in a court of law. At Goldman & Associates law firm, our attorneys have experience in handling all of the following, including but not limited to:

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Was is Personal Injury?

Personal injury is a legal term used to refer to an injury to the body, mind or emotions. Most personal injury claims fall under the broad heading of ‘negligence,’ and assert that a party was injured as a result of the carelessness of another.

Personal Injury Law Facts

In the state of Michigan, citizens are protected from personal injury by the same type of negligence laws that are popular throughout the rest of the United States. Under these laws, certain classes of people owe one another a duty to utilize due care and caution so as to prevent injury. A property owner, for example, has a duty to make sure that his premises are safely maintained so that those he invites onto his property are not injured. Similarly, a doctor has a duty to use a professional standard of care in treating his patients. Where people are injured because of another’s failure to use this sort of caution, they may have the basis for a successful personal injury case.

Out of State Personal Injury Attorney

If you currently live out of state and are looking for an expert Personal Injury Attorney in Michigan to help you overcome your legal troubles, Goldman & Associates can make every effort to help accommodate your case and needs. No matter what type of case you’re dealing with, be it an issue of a car accident, dog bite, boating accident, trucking accident, or other matters of personal injury, our out of state personal injury attorneys have the ability to stand up and fight for your rights in a court of law regardless of your current state of residency. Goldman & Associates also takes extreme pride in the fact that we will never charge you any legal fees upfront and only collect when we’re able to bring you the justice that you deserve.

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